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Tran Quoc Pagoda

Unveil the Magic of Hanoi: The Ancient Capital of Vietnam

Hanoi's allure is magnetic, with its ability to preserve tradition while embracing change. Every street corner, market stall, and ancient building tells a story waiting to be discovered.

13 September 2023

Shopping Street In Phu Quoc

New Vietnam Visa Policies and Regulations: E-Visa Updates

New Vietnam Visa Policies and Regulations: E-Visa Updates

10 August 2023

Boy kicking soccer ball

A nation of Fans – Soccer in Vietnam

Soccer in Vietnam is by far the most popular sport. After several successful tournaments and championship runs in the past years the love for soccer has only increased. In 2018 they placed 2nd in the U23 AFC run, which is higher than any other southeast Asian soccer team has managed to go so far....

31 March 2021

Boat tour Mekong river

Enjoy your visit differently – Vietnam river cruise

Vietnam is one of the most visited south east Asian countries – and that for good reason. The complex culture, beautiful landscape and stunning sights are everything a traveler could ask for. To see it all and take everything in would take months. A great way to experience a little bit of everyth...

31 March 2021

Explore paradise cave Vietnam

Capturing the Landscape – Vietnam National Parks

Vietnam is one of the most visited places in Indochina and for good reason – it has everything to offer a traveler is looking for: Beautiful landscapes, a delicious cuisine, rich history and interesting culture. The Vietnam national parks are a must see as well. From the mountainous north to the ...

31 March 2021

St Joseph's Cathedral in Hanoi

Vietnamese architecture – Expression of Vietnamese culture

Vietnam's architecture is a wild but beautiful mixture of both European and Asian influences. Simply put, it can be divided into three stages:

06 March 2021

Mother and daughter working in the ricefields of Sapa

Traveling through Vietnam: Which are the must see places in Vietnam

Traveling through Vietnam is a great opportunity for people who want to have an experience full of cultural diversity and an astonishing mix of natural highlights. The scenery offers countless exotic destinations such as jungles, sandy beaches, verdant paddy fields, jagged peaks, and colonial str...

12 October 2020

Asian businessman one the phone in front of buildings

Working in Vietnam: What to take into consideration before the job search starts

Like everywhere in the world it is a difference if you search for a job in your own country or if you do so in a foreign one. Not only the industry demands are different, also the criteria for applying can vary from one country to another. For foreigners who want to work in Vietnam there are mult...

12 October 2020

Asian couple visiting a doctor for vaccination

Holiday vaccinations that are needed when travelling to Vietnam

There are always different precautions when travelling to a foreign country. Sometimes it is easy as you might have been to your destination before or it is close to what you are used to from home. But sometimes it is a whole new experience and you need a little bit more preparedness. This is the...

05 October 2020

Beautiful jungle hornbill

Think you know everything about the wildlife of Vietnam? Here you can prove your knowledge

As a country rich of biodiversity Vietnam has a lot in store. If you are planning to make a trip to Vietnam, make sure to keep some days left for an adventure through the country's unique wildlife. The swampy river deltas, coastlines, mountain rages and tropical rainforests are home to innumerabl...

01 October 2020

Ban Gioc detian falls with unique natural beauty

Discover the countryside of Vietnam

Thinking about Vietnam it has a lot to offer when it comes to gorgeous countrysides, big bustling cities, ancient historic places, and beautiful beaches. A lot of tourists going there every year are amazed by the variety it has to offer in so many different areas. But as much as the big cities su...

01 October 2020

Local live in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh city

Vietnam living cost: What to expect when moving to Vietnam

As Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscape and breathtaking beaches, there is no wonder a lot of people from western countries are interested in living there whereas the western world can be tough, expensive, and stressful. But if you want to move to Vietnam there are certain aspects that sh...

21 September 2020

Check-in counters of Tan Son Nhat airport

The Vietnam entry and exit form

Those who are used to long-distance travel will be familiar with the fact that certain documents have to be filled in. As soon as national borders are crossed, the destination countries want to know who is in the country and further information for the traceability of the trip becomes necessary. ...

21 September 2020

Air tickets, passports and credit card on world map

The temporary residence card Vietnam without service

The vacation paradise Vietnam is extremely attractive and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and vacationers but also business people from all over the world every year. From short business trips to backpackers exploring Southeast Asia, there are many reasons to visit the country for shor...

17 September 2020

Flag of Vietnam on the buttons on the computer keyboard

The Vietnam student visa: it can be worthwhile

The dream of a semester abroad. Valuable experiences can be combined with unique travel opportunities. Students learn at the university and at the same time make lifelong contacts. And in the resume, the stay makes a good impression. But it is a long way to go before all this is really experience...

17 September 2020

Young traveler looking at airport time board for flight

Please note before entering the country: The Vietnam visa processing time

Travel planning always involves many steps, which can range from the initial idea to the last steps before you're heading to the airport. One of these steps is applying for a visa for long distance travel abroad, which is necessary in most countries. This is also necessary for trips to Vietnam, w...

14 September 2020

Two passports and sunglasses lay on a map of Europe

Single Entry for Vietnam Visa Free Countries

A long time ago are the days when entering most other countries is a real challenge, with many conditions attached. In contrast to the old days, examples such as the European Union show how easy it can be to travel from A to B across national borders without any complications. The country Vietnam...

14 September 2020

Woman on a bicycle in a vietnamese landscape

Climate of Vietnam – this is what you need to know!

Vietnam is a perfect travel destination, for all who search for nature and culture. Especially, the hiking and backpacking is very popular among many young folks. The beautiful bay of Halong or the spectacular mountains of Sapa, attracts thousands and thousands of people each year. Your experienc...

31 August 2020

Woman on a rock with a waterfall in Vietnam

Hiking in Vietnam: Are you looking for an active holiday? Discover the best hiking trails!

Vietnam is not only a country of ancient history but also provides wonderful landscapes. The country is not yet a destination for mass tourism and enchants with its untouched nature. Green rice terraces in the mountains of Sapa, the enchanted Halong Bay or the Sahara-like dunes of Mui Ne – Vietna...

31 August 2020

Vietnam kitesurfing

Kite surfing in Vietnam

When you think of kite surfing and holidays, you quickly think of the best kite surfing spots in the world. Countries like Spain and Portugal, the ABC Islands or the Dominican Republic provide a wide range of possibilities and attract countless professionals and amateurs to the dream beaches arou...

18 August 2020

seascape sunset at Halong Bay

Holidays in Vietnam – A short guide

Southeast Asia has been a beautiful and desirable holiday destination not only since the trend of backpackers really got out of hand. For decades now, tourists have been drawn to the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia from all over the world. Nowadays it is easier than ever to travel there and...

18 August 2020

Asian farmer planting rice

Travel knowledge: The best months to visit Vietnam

Vietnam in Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to unforgettable vacations with wonderful beaches. No wonder the country has a lot to offer besides breath taking nature. This undoubtedly includes Asian culture and delicious, fresh food.

22 July 2020

Man taking photo of Vietnam

The best beaches in Vietnam: A selection

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. No wonder, considering the cultural and scenic diversity of the country! But not only package holidaymakers appreciate the heavenly beaches, the majestic rainforests and the imposing temple complexes – Vietnam is also becoming increa...

16 July 2020

Vietnam's Jungle

Vietnam's jungle: home to an infinite number of living beings

For years now, no other place in the world has discovered so many new species as in Vietnam's jungle or in general in the Southeast Asian country. This biodiversity includes, thanks to the fact that about a quarter of the country, consists of (rain) forest. This number was even greater until it w...

04 July 2020

Hanoi Sightseeing for the other image

Hanoi: Attractions as far as you can see

Imposing temples, picturesque citadels, sacred monuments and unique theaters – the choice of attractions in Hanoi is unlimited. No wonder, since Vietnam's capital can look back on an eventful history spanning more than 1,000 years. Get to know some of the most beautiful and popular highlights of ...

04 July 2020

The golden bridge in Da Nang

Simply impressive: The Golden Bridge in Vietnam!

Have you ever walked on clouds? No? Then it is high time – the Golden Bridge in Vietnam gives you the opportunity! Well, walking on the clouds would be a little exaggerated. In any case, the bridge knows how to inspire with its construction and presence as well as with the view of the breathtakin...

22 May 2020

A monkey in a tree

Which animals live in Vietnam? A small overview

Every few years the Vietnamese jungle spits out a zoologist or biologist who "has" a new species in his luggage. Whether unknown cattle, majestic rhinoceros or funny monkey – Vietnam's animals are as diverse as the country itself. In the following sections we will introduce you to some of the bre...

22 May 2020

A dream beach

The best beaches in Vietnam: A selection

Vietnam does not have a reputation as a pure beach destination. And that's just as well! After all, there is a lot to experience and discover here. But that doesn't mean that there aren't also paradise-like sandy beaches with turquoise-blue water. And the best thing is: compared to other countrie...

17 April 2020

Diver in the ocean

Scuba diving holidays in Vietnam: The best places to go

Breathtaking jungle landscapes, picturesque stretches of beach, pristine coasts – all of this and much more is Vietnam. The unique country in Southeast Asia is famous for its friendly residents and for its delicious, healthy food. What many do not have on the screen: The land of smiles is also pe...

20 March 2020

A city in vietnam

The biggest cities of Vietnam you should visit while traveling the country

On the one hand, Vietnam is a country which is probably best known for his rural places, deep jungles or convoluted caves. On the other hand, the Vietnam is a state of fascinating urban areas which are all inviting to explore for tourists and regular visitors alike. We would like to take you on a...

29 February 2020

A boat tour in vietnam nature

Discover Southeast Asia: These are the Vietnam Visa Requirements for Americans

It is not without reason that Vietnam is called the "Pearl of Southeast Asia", because here you will find cultural highlights paired with culinary impressions that will have a lasting effect. Immerse yourself in the hectic chaos of the big cities of Hanoi, discover the time-honored temples of Hué...

14 February 2020

Tourists in vietnam

Good reasons to visit Vietnam

Are you thinking of spending your next vacation in Vietnam? Or are you simply asking yourself why so many people take the long way to Southeast Asia? There are many (good) reasons to visit Vietnam – from endless green jungles to thousands of miles of beautiful beaches to a diverse country cuisine...

13 February 2020

A couple in love

A romantic and special honeymoon in Vietnam

When it comes to the honeymoon destination, newlyweds often divide their minds for the first time: Should you go on a city break or do you want to relax on the beach? Or maybe you prefer an adventure in the mountains? Our tip to avert the first marriage crisis: honeymoon in Vietnam! Regardless of...

06 February 2020

The golden bridge

Make your holiday unforgettable: Tips about what to do in Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer that a trip is usually not enough to enjoy the full range. After all, heavenly beaches, miles of rice terraces, floating markets and much more await you here that you won't find anywhere else in the world. We have collected a few tips on what you should definitely do ...

31 January 2020

Sightseeing spots in vietnam

Best sightseeing spots in Vietnam

Sightseeing in Vietnam includes relics of the country's eventful history, picturesque landscapes, including national parks as well as an overwhelming cultural diversity. It quickly becomes clear that the country in Southeast Asia has a lot to offer for the holidaymaker. Below is a selection of th...

18 January 2020

Vietnam at night

Vietnam's nightlife: The places to be

The nightlife scene in Vietnam is extremely dynamic – cities like Saigon, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are full of lively pubs, clubs and bars. And the best part is that going out in the Southeast Asian country is far from expensive. After all, one of the cheapest draft beers in the world is brewed ...

17 January 2020

VISA Application

Travel to Southeast Asia: Simply apply from home with the Vietnam e-Visa!

Hardly any other country can look back on such an eventful history as Vietnam. The Vietnamese are also extremely friendly and courteous when dealing with foreigners, always helpful and interested in a non-binding discussion. No wonder that more and more travelers are coming to Vietnam. Here in sp...

09 January 2020

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