Please note before entering the country: The Vietnam visa processing time

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Travel planning always involves many steps, which can range from the initial idea to the last steps before you're heading to the airport. One of these steps is applying for a visa for long distance travel abroad, which is necessary in most countries. This is also necessary for trips to Vietnam, which is located at the Mekong River. For a successful planning it is essential to have a look at how long the Vietnam visa processing time is.

Therefore, we from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE would like to inform you about Vietnam Visa processing time and show you in the following how long the Vietnam Visa processing time is. With that, you can perfectly plan your next trip to distant Vietnam and remove obstacles.

Vietnam Visa processing time: Without an entry permit the entry will be difficult

Completely fundamentally applies with journeys abroad that it can become difficult without entry permission the appropriate journey to begin. Who would like to experience therefore from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi and everything in between, should make itself here first some thoughts. However, we would like to reassure you that both the application and the Vietnam visa processing time are quite accommodating – long waiting times and great effort are avoided.

Vietnam Visa processing time: Applying in advance makes many things easier and faster

There are different possibilities to apply for the Vietnam visa in advance and thus to make sure that everything will work out in time. Appropriate service providers offer the necessary services and make it unnecessary to wait really long at the embassy. Thus, the visa can be applied for in a few steps directly in advance with a short processing time. Often the following documents must be sent in for shorten the Vietnam Visa processing time:

  • Passports as appropriate identification document
  • Passport photos to paste into the passport
  • Completed applications for processing
  • Sometimes franked envelopes for return shipment

The corresponding instructions can be taken from the respective platforms and thus allow the visa to be issued with very little effort. It is also important that an appropriate fee is paid, usually in the form of a bank transfer, which must be received in advance. Then the Vietnam visa processing time is usually not longer than two or four days at most.

Note: You can also apply for Vietnam visas directly at the responsible authorities in your own country. You have the option to apply at the respective consulates. There is a long list of regional authorities in the United States, which you should consider accordingly. But why should you? With us, everything will be as easy and fast as possible!

There is also a Visa-on-Arrival, but in an attenuated form

Vietnam travelers often have it relatively easy when it comes to visas. So a visa on arrival is also possible and usually includes the steps described above. The Visa on Arrival is often the most comfortable option. For this purpose certain documents are filled out and sent in advance. These documents include the following information:

  • Information about the person
  • Travel period
  • Reason for the trip
  • Airport of entry
  • Airport of departure
  • And much more

The principle is quite simple. First, the form is simply filled out online and linked to the corresponding data. Afterwards it comes to the confirmation and payments are requested. Then the applicants receive the confirmation, which must be printed out and brought to the airport. Information on other documents to be brought along, such as passport photos, is also communicated there. A lot of time is then saved when entering the country, as often only a short stamp and gluing in the pictures is necessary.

Attention: Before the start of the trip and any planning, the regulations in the home country and also in Vietnam regarding Covid-19 should be considered, because otherwise the fast Vietnam visa processing time is void.

Vietnam Visa processing time: Any additional payments can save even more time

The exact Vietnam visa processing time may vary slightly. This is due to the fact that different portals and platforms take different amounts of time. With us, you will be totally satisfied – for sure! But one thing is always the same. So the Vietnam Visa processing time can be further reduced for an additional charge, which can also be worthwhile.

Usually the following Vietnam Visa processing times are possible:

  • The conventional Vietnam Visa processing time is usually between two and five days.
  • For an additional charge, the Vietnam Visa processing time can be reduced to less than 48 hours, usually only four to eight hours.
  • If it has to go very fast, there are even possibilities to get the Vietnam Visa in 30 minutes to four hours for a quite high surcharge.

Vietnam Visa processing time: For short trips even a classic visa is not necessary

For a handful of countries there is even the possibility to get to Vietnam even easier, because a certain freedom of travel of 15 days maximum is given. The two basic requirements for this are a passport that is still valid for at least six months and the origin from certain countries. This is especially interesting for dual citizenship and short trips. On our website you will find an article on this topic!

Note for business travelers: Often a Letter of Invitation is necessary at the Vietnam Visa processing time for business travelers, as it can happen without delays or rejection.

Vietnam Visa processing time: Your easy and fast offer at VIETNAM VISA ONLINE

With us a fast and uncomplicated process is provided. A Visa on Arrival is possible without any problems. So take a look at our offer and inform yourself further!

Created: 9/14/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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