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Are you thinking of spending your next vacation in Vietnam? Or are you simply asking yourself why so many people take the long way to Southeast Asia? There are many (good) reasons to visit Vietnam – from endless green jungles to thousands of miles of beautiful beaches to a diverse country cuisine with numerous culinary highlights. Whether you are looking for delicious food, a glimpse of a foreign culture or exciting adventures: VIETNAM VISA ONLINE has researched for you.

A Vietnam visit is like an adventure

The country in the South China Sea welcomes you with breathtaking landscapes that have never been seen before. There is, for example, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with its majestic jungle area. Fight your way through the dense forests and explore the largest cave in the world – the Hang Son Doong is so big that it has its own cloud system! If that's not a good reason to visit Vietnam...

Or how about a snorkeling tour on the beaches of the islands in South Vietnam instead? A kayak tour along the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay is no less impressive. In addition, many vacationers rent a scooter when they visit Vietnam. This takes you through the streets of Hanoi or towards the old town of Hoi An, Vietnam and Southeast Asia's capital.

By the way: The Land of Smiles is the ideal starting point for a round trip through Southeast Asia. From here you are in Cambodia and Laos in no time! Apply for Vietnam Visa online now!

Kind, warm, Vietnam

Another good reason to visit Vietnam is the enormous hospitality of the locals. In every village and in every city, yes, even in every big city, you receive people with open arms. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere, you immediately feel welcome and want to learn more about Vietnamese culture. However, care is needed in front of some black sheep: particularly penetrative tour operators and taxi drivers do not primarily aim to help the ignorant holidaymaker. Instead, they try to pull the money out of his pocket.

Practical tip: If you want to experience the typical friendliness and Vietnamese life as a whole, you should consider a so-called homestay.

Pamper your taste buds!

Quite a few visit Vietnam mainly because of the country's unique cuisine. Whether spring rolls, pho (noodle soup), sticky rice, fish or seafood – on (night) markets, on the side of the road and in restaurants, your taste buds will have an unforgettable pleasure. And then quench your thirst with a cool Vietnamese beer.

Good to know: In Vietnam, feasting starts early in the morning. The "menu" includes melon, pineapple, banana, dragon fruit and various other fruits. Naturally fresh and regional!

Embark on a journey through time!

When you visit Vietnam, you should not miss out on exploring the moving history of the Socialist Republic. Only two of the many "contemporary witnesses" are the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City and the War Victims Museum in Hanoi. In the museum you will learn everything about the Vietnam War – from its origins to the terrible war crimes to the ongoing consequences.

Visit Vietnam and save money

Vietnam is a mecca for backpackers! Much is geared towards backpackers here. There are cheap hotels and hostels, cheap food and even cheap domestic flights. Of course, you don't have to fly to cross the country – bus and train tickets are also cheaper than in most other countries in the world.

And don't worry: Even if you are a package traveler, you will get your money's worth in Vietnam. There are numerous magnificent hotel complexes that leave nothing to be desired.

Practical tip for the Vietnam visit: If you have seen enough of one place, simply register with a corresponding bus company one day before your onward journey. You are reserved a place for the next trip and your personal adventure continues!

Look forward to your Vietnam visit!

Vietnam is an exciting country with complex contrasts. Meet people who cannot be beaten in warmth, be enchanted by the wonderful nature and get to know the typical life in Hanoi and other (big) cities. A trip to Vietnam will surely cast a spell over you and offer your senses a unique experience! But what does unique mean – whoever visits Vietnam once always returns, as the old saying goes.

When there's a country as beautiful as Vietnam, it would be a crime not to visit. Please contact us via contact form, email, phone call or via WhatsApp. We are already looking forward to your request!

Created: 2/12/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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