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Experience swift processing for your "in processing" visa applications with our accelerated processing time options.

Ensure a seamless entry process to Vietnam by expediting the processing of your E-visa. If your visa application is currently in the "in processing" status and your travel date is approaching, you have the option to accelerate the processing time. Fill out the application form below and select the corresponding processing time option to expedite your pending E-visa application on the Immigration Portal.

Important notes

  • Please note that the applicants are solely responsible for the accuracy of the application details provided during the initial registration on the Immigration portal. Our system is designed to expedite the E-visa issuance process, but it cannot identify or rectify any errors made by the applicants during the application on the Immigration Portal.
  • The fee specified in this form pertains to the additional emergency fee for the urgent processing time upgrade. This fee is in addition to the standard visa issuance charge of US$ 25.00 that was initially paid for the normal processing time on the Immigration Portal.
  • Visa approval letter processing hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (UTC+7), Monday to Friday. Please note that processing outside these hours will incur an additional emergency fee.
  • It's possible to submit applications for multiple applicants under the same application.

Once you have filled out the applicant details, kindly click here to upload the images and data.


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I affirm that the aforementioned statements are both truthful and precise. I bear complete responsibility under Vietnamese law for the accuracy of the information furnished in my application for a Viet Nam e-Visa. I am also cognizant that the application fee remains non-refundable in the event of the denial of my Viet Nam e-Visa application.

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Kindly ensure that you include a minimum of one applicant in your application.

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