Traveling through Vietnam: Which are the must see places in Vietnam

Mother and daughter working in the rice fields of Sapa

Traveling through Vietnam is a great opportunity for people who want to have an experience full of cultural diversity and an astonishing mix of natural highlights. The scenery offers countless exotic destinations such as jungles, sandy beaches, verdant paddy fields, jagged peaks, and colonial structures with several ethnic minorities living all together. With its beautiful countryside and national parks outdoor lovers will have their money's worth. But also, for the more slothful, Vietnam has much to offer. If you are not into hiking or biking there are plenty other options to get around, for instance, by renting a motorbike or booking a cruise tour. Beneath the wonderful nature Vietnam has to offer, there is a bustling city life with its culinary highlights. So, as you can see, Vietnam is a total underrated travel gem that has a lot in store. To give you an even more precise overview of its must see places VIETNAM VISA ONLINE prepared a compilation below.

These are the top 7 must see places in Vietnam

  1. Ha Long Bay: The UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited destination in Vietnam. Every year tourists come here to explore the hundreds of beautiful tiny islands by boat. As a day trip will not do it justice opt for an overnight cruise so that you can at least enjoy the view without being in a rush. In addition to that there is much other things to explore like one of many caves with stalagmites and stalactites, scuba diving, hiking and beautiful beaches to relax and sunbath.
  2. Sapa Countryside: Located in the North-western area close to the Chinese border, there is a town called Sapa. It is surrounded by the verdant rice fields and bordered by the jagged peaks of the Hoang Lien Mountains. The deep valleys are home to the diverse mix of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Sapa is a great trekking destination with plenty of options to trek or hike through the tiny villages. The best time to go there is between March and May and between September and November since the green fields and flowers are blooming and the weather is perfect for trekking.
  3. Hanoi: The Vietnamese capital is a bustling city with beautiful nature and historical architectures. In Hanoi you will experience the cultural influence of the Southeast Asian, French, American and Chinese culture. Here, you will find a wide range of sightseeing spots and things to do such as the Grand Opera House, the Hanoi Old Quarter, the Museum of Ethnology, Ninh Binh with its many temples and the Ba Vi National Park.
  4. Hoi An: Hoi An is a modest ancient town with historical architecture and an exciting traditional culture. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are incredible streetscapes with old historic merchant houses that are open to the public. In the 15th century the town was a major meeting point for Japanese and Chinese merchants. It is also well known for its diversity of delicious cuisine.
  5. Mekong Delta: In the South of the country where the mighty Mekong River flows, there are the iconic but also chaotic floating markets of Vietnam. You should visit one of the many floating markets as they offer fresh tropical fruits, agricultural products and local cuisines. If you prefer to go by foot instead of exploring the markets by boat, you can walk through the local garden and pick the fresh fruits yourself.
  6. Hue: One of Vietnam's most historic towns and the ancient national capital of the country, Hue is packed with the seven imperial tombs, relicts from the reign of the 19th century Nguyen emperors, the ancient imperial city, and the forbidden city. In the imperial city there is a citadel which is surrounded by the Perfume River and has only one entrance to it. Inside of the citadel you will be able to visit the forbidden city.
  7. Ho Chi Minh City: Also known as "Saigon" Ho Chi Minh City is located in the South of Vietnam. It is considered the most popular city in the country with its many cosmopolitan restaurants, different museums, its crowded streets with cars and motorbikes and the best shopping places you can go throughout the entire country.  

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