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There are only a few countries as natural and as modern as Vietnam. The country offers bustling metropolises with Hanoi or Saigon, which are guaranteed to captivate every visitor. But even the world famous Halong Bay is one of the most popular photo opportunities – how about a selfie for the envious friends at home? Vietnam offers an extraordinary diversity in terms of flora and fauna, people, culture and religions. That is why year after year more and more tourists are attracted to our beautiful country. In order to enjoy the country in its full splendor for a longer period of time, all you have to do is apply for the fast Vietnam visa. Then nothing more gets in the way of your vacation or perhaps even your round trip.

Interested? If you spontaneously fancy a trip to Southeast Asia, we offer you the service it needs. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE is an accredited visa agency offering you the right choice for a variety of visa types. Our professional staff is perfectly acquainted with all visa-related issues and is prepared for any special case. Years of experience and constantly satisfied customers make us experts in the field of fast Vietnam visas. With us you can already plan today and land tomorrow at the International Airport of Hanoi! You do not believe that? Then let us convince you now and find out more about our fast Vietnam visa.

In just a few steps: Apply for our fast Vietnam visa

Vietnam offers countless islands and bays, historical markets, cultural highlights and links to modernity. Here you will find relaxation and variety at the same time, let yourself be guided by the flow of the inhabitants. Whether during a day trip to Halong Bay or as a backpacker on your own. Vietnam is something for everyone, because you can experience a relaxing vacation as well as an action vacation or cultural vacation. All you need is the fast Vietnam visa from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE.

Your advantage: The regular process towards Vietnam Visa usually takes two full business days with our online system. Of course, we offer you an express option for a fee, to help even those who are quick to decide on the desired fast Vietnam visa. But that's not all, because with us you can also book a variety of extra services on site. Nevertheless, please remember to take care of your visa in time. Should there be a time bottleneck on our part, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your fast Vietnam visa faster than after 2 working days. More on this in the next paragraph.

Fast Vietnam visa: Take advantage of various fast-track options at every airport in Vietnam

We know how exhausting an international flight can be. Not only a lack of sleep and cramped space are tricky, also flight delays and other inconveniences burden us. But don‘t worry, because with our fast Vietnam visa options we make your journey as comfortable as possible. Whether with the classic "Skip the Line", a luggage assistance or a pick-up directly from the airport to your hotel. We also offer extra services, such as car pick up. This helps you to plan your vacation better in advance and to start your vacation faster. For more detailed information, have a look at the tab, which offers we have ready. You would like to know more? Here are the key details about our fast Vietnam visa offer:

  • FAST TRACK ASSISTANCE : With this service we take care of visa stamps, entry documents as well as the luggage service at each Vietnamese airport. Your satisfaction is our motivation. Avoid long queues and choose the fast Vietnam visa options that suits you best. Choose between NORMAL FAST TRACK or VIP FAST TRACK. Start your well-deserved vacation faster and more relaxed. We will gladly take care of your affairs. Just register in time, so that we can provide enough staff to take care of it. Which particular services are included in this can be found by looking at the respective option.
  • CAR PICK-UP : Get out of the plane and into the pleasure? No problem, just book the vast Vietnam visa Option CAR PICK-UP. This service is available in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City. Your personal driver is already waiting for you. So please pay attention at which airport you will arrive.
You want to choose one of the specified fast Vietnam visa options? Then take a look at the options that will be displayed during the application process. The appropriate fees can be paid in advance. We look forward to you!
You can also contact us via e-mail or by telephone if you have any further questions about any other topic concerning visa cost, visa requirements, visa forms etc.


Normal fast track

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VIP fast track

Car pickup / 01 car


Fast track assistance helps the visitors to getting visa stamping, immigration seal and luggage service at Vietnam Airports. It is established to assist visitors at the airport when arriving with the highest satisfaction to avoid long queues at the counters, especially after having a long flight or other personal reasons. Apply for the fast Vietnam Visa with us to experience high professionality and comfort with us.

There are two types of fast track assistance for your choice:

Skip the line priority at visa counter, visa stamp completed by our airport representative.Normal fast track

Our staff will wait for you at the arrival hall with your name/group name on the welcome sign. Your passport will be stamped at the visa desk with skip the line priority, without queuing in the line of travelers. This normal fast track applies at visa counter only and finishes at this point. You will queue normally again when moving to the next counter: the immigration counter. So have all the necessary documents for the visa ready to go through the process as easily as possible. The employee at the airport is of course professionally trained and is perfectly familiar with the requirements and guidelines of the fast Vietnam visa.

Skip the line priority both at visa and immigration counter, fast Vietnam visa stamp, immigration seal and luggage carriage all completed by our airport representativeV.I.P fast track

Our staff will wait for you right at the jet bridge with your name/group name on the welcome sign. Your passport will be stamped at the visa desk with skip the line priority, without queuing in the line of travelers. Then you will have skip the line priority again at immigration counter and receive immigration chop, before heading to the luggage area, escorted by our staff. Our staff will handle all your luggage and bring it to the outside and upload it on the car/taxi. The VIP fast track finishes at this point. For even more comfort for your arrival at the airport, read on below.


After finishing all the airport immigration process and collect your luggage, our driver will wait for you at the outside column to bring you to the city center's hotel. You can tell us in advance where you are staying. Our drivers know their way around the streets of Vietnam and know when and at what times it can get crowded. Therefore, our drivers can plan in advance which route is best for them. So you can reach your hotel even earlier. If your flight is delayed, don't worry – our driver will be informed about that and will wait for you in any case.

For Car pick-up service from the airport to center hotel in Hanoi/Danang/Ho Chi Minh city.

After finishing Immigration Clearance and Baggage claim, you can go to the following airport meeting points-outside of arrival hall:

  • Hanoi: At column #12
  • Da Nang: At column #04
  • Ho Chi Minh city: At column #12


  1. Choose fast track services.
    Choosing Airport Fast Track and Car pick-up Service while you submit the online visa application on our system: Apply online and pay the related online fees.
    Passport with stamps
  2. Take flight to Vietnam.
    When you land, our staff is waiting for you at the visa counter / aircraft gate to pick you up with your name on sign board.
    Staff at the counter
  3. We will pick you up.
    Giving our staff your documents and cash including visa approval letter, entry and exit form, passport, 2 photos and stamping fee in cash to complete your visa stamp and immigration process, then collect luggage to the outside for car/taxi.
    Map of Vietnam
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Notice: Fast track and car pick-up fee cannot be refunded if you change your flight schedule without EMAIL NOTIFICATION to us at least 6-8 hours before your landing time.

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