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What is Visa on Arrival?
Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) is a legal document approved by Department of Immigration.
* Legitimate: VOA is granted and approved by Immigration Department.
* Convenient: Online Application, No Passport and Photo sending, No waiting time.
* Cheap: Lowest fee, best service
* Fast: VOA done in 2 days

Is the "Visa on Arrival" legitimate?
Yes it is! Vietnam Visa-on-Arrival is an alternative way to get your visa to Vietnam. It has been also proudly featured on many famous news agencies such as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Trip Advisor, CNN Go… granted by Vietnamese Immigration Department arranges for documents to be picked up upon arrival at Vietnam's international airports.

What is the "Vietnam Visa Approval Letter"?
The "Visa Approval Letter" is the official guaranteeing letter issued by Immigration Department, allowing you to enter and exit Vietnam single or multiple times during a given validity period. With this pre-approved letter, you can pick up your visa upon arrival at one of three international airports in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.
At the airport, the corresponding authority will verify the details on the approval letter based on your original passport and travel documents. As long as you make sure you input the correct details when applying, you will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter.

How long does it take to get the approval letter?
The approval letter is processed and emailed you within two (2) working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National/International Holidays).
In urgent cases, you are able to have the approval letter within the time frame below:
* 4 or 8 hours processing: + 20$/applicant
* 1 day processing: + 10$/applicant.
For Visa urgent processing on International/ National Holidays, please call us or contact email for details assistance.
Note: The above processing time does not apply for Friday afternoon (after 12.00 PM) + Saturday and Sunday. Please consider the time difference between Vietnam and the local country.
The Visa Counter at Vietnam airports are 24/7 open. So if you already have the approval letter, you can still pick up your visa at Vietnam airports at weekend.

How do I receive my visa approval letter?
A color scanned copy of the approval letter (in PDF format) will be sent to you by email, so please make sure that you have provided us with the correct email address and you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader in order to open the file.

Are there any exceptions with this type of visa?
Visa on Arrival is just VALID for traveler by AIR. For LAND and CRUISE entry, please visit a Vietnamese embassy to get your visa stamped. The three international airports in Vietnam that you can receive your visa stamp with this approval letter are: Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Danang Airport (Da Nang).

Do you require a scan of my passport scan?
Passport scan is not required for an online visa application.

Do I need a photo and if so, what is its size?
Photos are required upon arrival Vietnam's airports only, so please remember to bring at least 2 photos of standard passport size (04×06 cm). Note: If you do not have time to prepare those photos before your departure, you can also get them taken at a Vietnamese airport for 2 USD or less per photo.

What if my passport has expired?
To apply for a visa to Vietnam, your passport must have at least 6 month's validity. Therefore, if your passport is about to expire, please get a new one before applying for your visa in order to avoid unwanted problems at the airport.

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?
The process is very simple. Please kindly follow below instructions:
* Apply for Visa on our website by filling out all of your necessary information. After your payment is successful, we will send you a scanned copy of Visa approval letter by email within 02 (two) working day (normal service).
* Print Visa approval letter together with Entry and exit form (Remember to fill this form before you're getting to Vietnam).
* At Vietnam airports, show a set of your Visa approval letter, Passport, 2 passport-sized photos, Entry and exit form & stamping fee to the corresponding authority, to get your Visa stamped.

Necessary information to apply for my Vietnam visa approval letter?
In order to apply for Vietnam Visa approval letter, you need to provide these information:
1. Your full name (exactly as in your passport)
2. Date of birth (DOB)
3. Nationality
4. Passport No
5. Estimated arrival date
6. Purpose of visit

How about the total fee to get my Vietnam visa on arrival?
There are only 02 (two) kinds of fees you need to pay in order to get Vietnam visa on arrival:
* First, the Service fee: you pay to us for our services of preparing your Vietnam visa approval letter.
* Second, the Stamping fee: you pay to Vietnam Immigration Officers at your destination airport in Vietnam to have your visa stamped.

I already have my Vietnam visa approval letter from your services, where will I have my Vietnam visa stamped?
At your destination airport in Vietnam (in one of the following airports: Noi Bai International Airport [Hanoi]/ Tan Son Nhat International Airport [Ho Chi Minh City]/ Danang International Airport [Da Nang City]), you can have your Vietnam visa stamped after submitting your Vietnam visa approval letter and other required documents.

Can I enter Vietnam before/after the approved arrival date?
You CAN NOT enter Vietnam before the approved arrival date which has been written in the visa approval letter, however, you CAN enter after that date as long as you leave by the approved exit date.

How to pay the fee for my Vietnam visa?
There are 02 (two) kinds of fee you need to pay at different time:
* Services fee: You pay to us by your Debit/Credit Card via the payment tool on our website.
* Stamping fee: You pay in cash to Vietnam Immigration Officers at your destination airport.

How about Single entry visa and Multiple entry visa?
Single entry visa is the visa that permits you to enter and leave Vietnam ONLY ONCE during your valid visa period. In the mean time, Multiple entry visa permits you to do it as many times as you wish. As a result, Multiple entry visa costs higher.

Who needs Vietnam visa?
Almost all other countries' citizens must have an entry visa in order to enter Vietnam. However, there are still some exceptions:
1. Citizens of Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos for visits of 30 days at the maximum.
2. Citizens of Philippines for visits of 21 days at the maximum.
3. Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Finland for visits of 15 days at the maximum.
4. Citizens of Brunei, Myanmar for visits of 14 days at the maximum.
5. Citizens of France holding valid diplomatic or official passports for visits of 90 days at the maximum or several visits of 6 months at the maximum.
6. Citizens of Chile holding valid diplomatic or official passports for visits of 90 days at the maximum.
7. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Holders from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies for visits of 60 days at the maximum.
8. For those who travel to Phu Quoc Island (in the South of Vietnam): Foreigners and Vietnamese nationals bearing foreign passports who enter Vietnam through an international border gate and then travel to Phu Quoc Island and stay in Phu Quoc less than 30 days will also be granted Vietnam visa exemption. Passports must be valid for at least 45 days. After arriving in Phu Quoc Island, if visitors want to travel to other places or stay in the island for more than 30 days, the Immigration department will be responsible for issuing visas immediately.

What if I want to extend my visa when I am in Vietnam?
It's very simple. You just need to make a call to our 24/7 hotline: +8469696969 or send us an email to the address: info@vietnam-immigrations.org. Instead of wasting a lot of your valuable time, you will enjoy extending your visa with our fast and reliable services.

Is there any service to help deal with Visa process and related documents at the airport?
Yes there is! If this is the first time you come to Vietnam, or you are in a hurry or whatever reasons make you do not want to waste your valuable time at the airport, we have the right services for you! Just simply choose the Fast-track services when you apply for Visa on our website, our friendly and professional staff will pick you up at Vietnam airport and do all the visa procedures for you.

How many types of Vietnam visa?
In terms of length of the visit and number of entry, there are 04 (four) types of Vietnam visa:
* 1 month single entry visa: allows you enter and leave Vietnam one time within a month.
* 1 month multiple entry visa: allows you enter and leave Vietnam many times within a month.
* 3 months single entry visa: allows you enter and leave Vietnam one time within three months.
* 3 months multiple entry visa: allows you enter and leave Vietnam many times within three months.

What if I change my flight and arrive at another airport in Vietnam?
Visa on arrival works if you arrive at any of the three international airports: Tan Son Nhat (in Ho Chi Minh City), Noi Bai (in Hanoi City) and Da Nang (in Da Nang City). So don't worry because there is no trouble when switching among these three airports!

How about the stamping fee at the Vietnam airports?
The stamping fee is regulated by Vietnamese government and you will pay it to the Immigration Officer at Vietnamese airport – Landing Visa Gate. The detailed stamping fee is as followings:
* 01 and 03 month single entry: 25 USD / applicant.
* Less than 01 month multiple entry: 50 USD / applicant.
* 01 & 03 month multiple entry: 50 USD / applicant.
NOTE: Normally, with 01 month multiple entry applications, the Visa Approval Letter would be issued with less than 30 days' validity. Accordingly, applicant would pay ONLY 50.00 USD of stamping fee at Vietnam airports.

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