Working in Vietnam: What to take into consideration before the job search starts

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Like everywhere in the world it is a difference if you search for a job in your own country or if you do so in a foreign one. Not only the industry demands are different, also the criteria for applying can vary from one country to another. For foreigners who want to work in Vietnam there are multiple options to get started. To give you a quick overview VIETNAM VISA ONLINE has prepared the following blog entry, giving you all the relevant information about working in Vietnam. First, you need a visa. Therefore, an expatriate needs to obtain a professional or a business visa, which allows you to work in Vietnam for up to three months. After this you need to apply for a long-term work permit if you plan on working there for a longer period of time or if you plan to move to the country to spend the rest of your life there. To be eligible for a visa, it is preferred to have a professional partner, such as an employer. This can be difficult though as Vietnamese enterprises are encouraged to fill positions with locals first. Only if the required skills are not available in the local labor market, positions are being offered to expats. For those who are travelling to Vietnam, planning to work there and not having a business partner yet, it is also possible to enter the country on a tourist visa and convert it into a business visa, once you have found a job. You can also try to find a job through special online platforms or search engines or through hiring an agency that will look for the perfect job for you. A job agency will not blow your wallet as cost of living in Vietnam is approximately 50% less than what you are used to from the western hemisphere and even 5-25% less to other Southeast Asian countries. You will participate from the advantage that the agency has great connections to the Vietnamese labor market as they are locals themselves and know exactly about the different conditions and various regions of the country. Another helpful advice, if you have relatives or friends in the country ask them for help to find you a job.

Working in Vietnam made easy with these little preparations

Since you know about the best opportunities for finding a job and apply for a visa in Vietnam there are preparations to take care of in advance to have all the formalities ready. These formalities include personal information and CV, your passport number and expiration date, details related to your stay, the duration of your stay, a passport-sized photo, medical certificate, a criminal record and a copy of your authorization to enter Vietnam.

Good to know: If you were lucky and found an employer in advance, he will handle all the procedures for you once you give him all the information listed above.

Either you already have a job offer or not, it is essential to understand that the Vietnamese government takes this matter seriously. You should inform yourself about cultural values and traditions prior to start working in Vietnam. Taking about cultural values, in the Vietnamese business world, hierarchy is key. Vietnamese companies are often defined by hierarchical manners. That means decisions are made at the top and not rarely these decisions come from the oldest person in the company. But not only through age you will achieve a certain status but also through education. Therefore, you should ensure that your qualifications are recognized in the country and that you have certified copies of these with you when entering the country.

Once you have built business relationships working in Vietnam can be a great new experience

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when working in Vietnam should become real. Even though the Vietnamese business world has its odds, there is a lot of change in Vietnams economy. Not only the export industry is booming, there is also work in progress when it comes to simplifications as to long-term work permit requirements, a higher rate of women in senior positions and better job opportunities for foreigners. If you are interested in more information, feel free to contact us. We are happy if we can help you out! If you made your decision clear, you could directly apply for your visa online using our accredited agency. For more information about separate subjects regarding to Vietnam visit our website. There you will also have the opportunity to chat with us and ask all the questions coming to your mind while browsing our page.

Created: 10/12/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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