Holidays in Vietnam – A short guide

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Southeast Asia has been a beautiful and desirable holiday destination not only since the trend of backpackers really got out of hand. For decades now, tourists have been drawn to the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia from all over the world. Nowadays it is easier than ever to travel there and enjoy beautiful Vietnam Holidays, not only for backpackers, as the country at the Mekong River has become more and more attractive after the Vietnam War. There are still many new and unknown adventures waiting in the exotic distance.

But even those who are especially spontaneous should get some information in advance, which is why we from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE would like to give you an impression of the Vietnam Holidays with our little guide. Just read on!

There are many reasons for a holiday in Vietnam

Especially if you are young and free, when it comes to holidays you are looking for good opportunities to experience a breathtaking holiday. But the Vietnam Holidays are also worthwhile for everyone else from families with several children to senior couples looking for the faraway places.

There are many reasons for the Vietnam Holidays. From the ever-growing tourist infrastructure, which is particularly interesting for the somewhat more limited travelers, to the many adventures that await. So Vietnam is also a possibility for all those who want to get to know life on the Mekong far away from the tourist attractions. Add to this the climate, attractions and culinary possibilities and there are many good reasons to choose Vietnam Holidays.

The length of the trip determines the countless possibilities

A north-south extension of 1,650 kilometres speaks for itself and especially travellers from the global North have to take into account that the locomotion is sometimes not comparable with the standards of western motorways. With regard to the Vietnam Holidays, the country can basically be divided into the following regions from north to south

  • The hilly northern region with Hanoi and Ha Long Beach
  • Central Vietnam offers many traditional highlights
  • From Da Nang to Tay Ninh there is a particularly large area of unexplored coast
  • Around the world famous Ho Chi Minh City is another southern holiday region
  • The southern tip makes up the breathtaking Mekong Delta

This spatial extension alone, which hides its own and new highlights everywhere, is breathtaking but also important for holiday planning. Even if you plan a domestic flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City or vice versa, you will miss all the beauty of the country in between. Depending on the length of the trip, spatial planning should be done well.

From the dream beach to the deepest jungle, everything is included: These are the most famous highlights

Some of the biggest highlights of the country have already been mentioned, but we would like to give you a better overview here so that you can plan your Vietnam Holidays even better:

  • Ho Chi Minh City is one of the places to go for Vietnam Holidays with its distinctive big city life.
  • The Mekong Delta consists mainly of water and the countless arms of the river, which form the centre of life in breathtaking beauty.
  • A tropical beach holiday is also possible in Vietnam, as the Vietnam Holidays destination Phu Quoc as one of the most famous examples shows as an island.
  • In search of classical culture, the Forbidden City is also recommended. The imperial city Hue is meant and offers a very special contrast.

There are countless other highlights, but the truly breathtaking variety of possibilities is already apparent. From the mountainous north to the Mekong delta in the south, there is an incredible variety of possibilities.

Mastering the language in Vietnam

As with most long distance travel, the language should not be underestimated on Vietnam Holidays. The official language in the country is Vietnamese and therefore usually not understandable for most tourists. However, there are several advantages. On the one hand, more and more locals also speak English, especially when it comes to the tourist attractions. And secondly, the alphabet does not differ from ours, which can help with street names, for example.

Culinary highlights: the country has a lot to offer

If you think of Asian cuisine, you will often associate it with exotic curries or very special fruits, and there is good reason for this! But also the origin of the French colonial times is still noticeable in many places, that is why beside delicious coffee there are also breadrolls that are similar to baguettes. But with the Pho as a culinary figurehead, the Vietnamese cuisine is altogether light, healthy, tasty and yet exotic – it offers a highlight at the Vietnam Holidays.

No Vietnam Holidays without the appropriate visa!

In order for the Vietnam Holidays to be a success, it is important to make the necessary plans in advance. Besides the flight, this especially refers to the visa, which you can easily handle online with VIETNAM VISA ONLINE. Take a look at our website to find out what is important!

Created: 8/18/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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