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You want to visit Vietnam and broaden your horizons? Excellent idea, because hardly a second country offers such a range of culture. This is one of many reasons why so many tourists come to our beautiful Vietnam every year, because there is something for everyone. From tropical mountains, bays and temples to rice fields and impressive cities, Vietnam enchants its charm and makes your vacation something very special. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of the many museums in Saigon, the former Ho Chi Minh City. Here you can experience history up close, for example on a walk through the bustling old town with its many colorful markets and shops. Or, venture out to visit the infamous Hoa Lo Prison, which in combination with the Military Museum provides an authentic insight into the eventful history of this pearl in Southeast Asia. Just apply for our Vietnam Visa and convince yourself of our marvellous country. Therefore you must first complete and submit the Vietnam Visa Application Form. You can find the Vietnam Visa Application form below. We will also explain how to fill out the Vietnam Visa Application form so you won't do any mistakes. Nevertheless, you can always contact our friendly staff. We will gladly help you to fill out the Vietnam visa Application form.

Importantly, we at VIETNAM VISA ONLINE offers you a safe, easy and affordable way to the coveted Vietnam visa. Our online system is intuitive, so you're guaranteed to get along. We have prepared an appropriate Vietnam visa application form for you to make the entire application process easier and shorter. The experiences of our customers show that the form is easy to understand and shortens the application process. However, certain Vietnam Visa Requirements have to be met, in particular local authorities need the Vietnam Visa Application Form. Without this document, you cannot enter Vietnam. Apply now for a Vietnam Visa!

Apply for a visa for Vietnam – How is the process from application to entry?

Vietnam is considered a hospitable, open and cooperative country. The warmth of the people will captivate you from the first minute. However, certain rules apply here, too. We therefore recommend that new tourists inform themselves about the culture and its customs in advance so they can be warmly welcomed by Vietnam's inhabitants even more. Certain rules must also be observed, such as those regarding visiting temples or religious sites. There are also some important rules regarding the Vietnam visa and the Vietnam Visa application form. The Vietnam Visa Application Form is the relevant document for entry and exit. However, before completing this, you must have successfully completed the following steps:

  1. Apply for the correct Vietnam visa for your purposes via our online portal and our Vietnam Visa Application form. Please also inform yourself about the special requirements of your home country, which could affect our Vietnam visa. In principle, we process the applications within two working days, provided that your payment has been successfully booked. In exceptional cases, we are also at short notice with advice and assistance. But in all circumstances, please remember to apply for the Vietnam visa in time. In case we have to deal with a time bottleneck due to high demand, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process your visa in less than two days.
  2. After this process has been completed, you will conveniently receive the official visa approval letter or "pre-approved letter" by e-mail. In addition, we will send you the empty entry and exit form, the said Vietnam Visa Application Form. Be sure to take this Vietnam Visa application form with you on your trip and have it ready at the terminal. This will allow us to quickly review your details and know that you have been granted a Vietnam visa. As you can tell, the approved form will shorten your waiting time at the airport and you can start your well-deserved vacation faster.

Please print out this form, look for two passport photos in the right format, pick up your passport and get enough cash for the necessary visa stamp fee. If you do not have cash with you, there is also an ATM at the airport. The pass must be valid for at least six months after the date of entry. So please pay attention to the expiration date of your passport. If your passport is not valid for more than six months, we cannot let you into the country. In the following paragraph, we give you a brief explanation on the correct completion of the Vietnam Visa Application Form, in short NA1 form. All information is analogous to the requirements of the Vietnam Immigration System.

The NA1 form as your Vietnam Visa Application Form for entry and exit

It is absolutely necessary that you present the fully completed Vietnam Visa Application Form to the border guard upon arrival or departure. So be careful not to lose the form during your vacation and under no circumstances throw it away! You will need it for your departure as well. Each adult must submit the appropriate Vietnam Visa application form. For children under the age of 14 it is possible to fill in the information on the Vietnam Visa Application Form of an adult. However, this is only possible for up to two children. Below you will find answers to the respective parts that you must complete in the Vietnam Visa Application Form. If you have further questions in this regard, please contact us. Our professional and reliable staff will take care of your request.

You want to see what the pattern of an official Vietnam Visa Permit Letter looks like? Here we have a copy for you, you will find further notes.

Would you like to apply for a Vietnam visa and have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us anytime about the Vietnam Visa Application Form, we are happy to help!


Vietnam visa NA1 form page 1
Vietnam visa NA1 form page 2

Please prepare 01 completely written NA1 form with full passport and travel details of each applicant. Each adult is required to bring 01 form. Information of children under 14 years of age can be added on an adult's form (maximum 02 children). If you arrive with more than two children, you will need to fill out another Vietnam Visa Application form. Here is the list of answers for questions on the form:

  • Question 1 to 7: As shown in your original passport
  • Question 8 to 10: Your recent occupation, company address, residential address and cell phone
  • Question 11: Input your family members who are currently living with you in your country. They may not be travelling to Vietnam with you on this trip
  • Question 12: Input your original passport details
  • Question 13 & 14: Input your entry date and trip duration
  • Question 15: Input "tourism" or "business" based on visa type requested and approved on the visa letter
  • Question 16: Input your 1st hotel address or residential address you will stay during your Vietnam trip
  • Question 17: This is the authority information part, you can leave the whole question 17 BLANK
  • Question 18: Input the children whose information is included in your passport
  • Question 19: Select "single" or "multiple" based on visa type requested and approved on your official visa letter


Vietnam visa approval letter example page 1
Vietnam visa approval letter example page 2

Here is the format of an official visa approval letter visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam immigration department.

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