The biggest cities of Vietnam you should visit while traveling the country

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On the one hand, Vietnam is a country which is probably best known for his rural places, deep jungles or convoluted caves. On the other hand, the Vietnam is a state of fascinating urban areas which are all inviting to explore for tourists and regular visitors alike. We would like to take you on a journey through Vietnam's biggest and most exciting cities and highlight some of their most iconic attractions so you and your friends and family can get the maximum out of your Vietnam trip.

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam and one of the biggest cities in Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and it is located in the northern part of the country. Size-wise, Hanoi is the second biggest city of Vietnam and 8,053.553 find home in the municipality making it the city with the most inhabitants in the Vietnam. Popular places in Hanoi include the old town of Hanoi with its winding small streets being mostly named after craft guilds inhabiting the streets in former times. If your more into visiting religious places, Chùa Hương also known as Perfume-Pagoda might be worth a look. Legends say that the temple was found by Buddhist-monks over to 2000 years ago and is still considered an important pilgrim site people of Buddhist religious believe. Apart from that, Hanoi has so much more to offer and is always worth a visit

Ho-Chi-Minh-City – Vietnam's biggest city and the center of its economy

Ho-Chi-Minh-City formerly known and locally known as Saigon is the biggest city in Vietnam and considered to be the center of economy. If you're planning on visiting Ho-Chi-Minh-City, your best advice is to consider staying multiple days as the city is gigantic and home to many interesting attractions and signs. It doesn't matter if you would like to experience the historical side of Ho-Chi-Minh-City or its modern center, there is a place for each and every particular group of interest here in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. Some recommendations that should be on top of your bucket list could be:

  • The theater of the city located on eastern side of Lam Son-Place
  • The historical museum and its artefacts
  • The street of Rue Catinat which has a long history
  • Or the post office of the city constructed by Gustaf Eiffel

Heading to the south of the country – Cần Thơ is one of Vietnams biggest cities

The city of Cần Thơ is the third biggest city of Vietnam and it is located at the southern part of Vietnam in the Mekong Delta which roughly translates to Nine Dragon River Delta – sounds exciting right? Apart from that, Cần Thơ is the fourth biggest city in Vietnam and is home to 1.238.300 inhabitants. Visiting Cần Thơ is a blistering experience caused by its many signs and attractions being a destination for tourists for years. Just to name a few, there are:

  • The promenade of Hai Bà Trưng named after the Trưng-Sisters living there in the years 40 A.D. to 43 A.D. who were rebels against a Chinese invasion
  • The Munirangsyaram-, Muni-Rensay- and Rangsay-Muni-Pagoda which are as much of a cultural as of an architectural experience
  • The nature reserve Lung Ngọc Hoàng

Another one of Vietnams biggest cities is Haiphong, a city of development

Haiphong being the fourth biggest city of Vietnam is located in the northern part of Vietnam in relatively close distance to the city of Hanoi. It is surrounded by the Cấm River flowing in to the nearby South China Sea. Haiphong is considered the technology, economy, culture, medicine, education, science and trade in the northern coast of Vietnam. You'll find many modern buildings and the headquarters of many important companies in Haiphong. Furthermore, there a many historical sites such as pagodas and temples inviting you to explore them.

Đà Nẵng – one of Vietnams biggest cities right in the center of the country

The city of Đà Nẵng is the fifth biggest city of Vietnam and located right in the middle of Vietnam being a country with an enormous vertical expansion. During times of French colonialization, the city was known as Tourane and is located at the delta of the river Han. The city which is directly located at the South Chinese Sea has a big naturally developed port making it one of the most important trading places in the Pacific Ocean. But there is also quite a bit to explore in the city itself. There are many signs and attractions such as:

  • The Cham Museum of sculptures
  • The cathedral of the city built in 1923
  • The so-called china beach being extremely popular for surfing
  • Or the breathtaking Đèo Hải Vân which is a 22 kilometers long mountain pass

Traveling Vietnams biggest cities is always a mesmerizing experience

If you are planning on visiting Vietnam you should definitely consider visiting one of the great cities of the country there is always a whole lot of cultural and modern signs and attractions to visit in the biggest cities in Vietnam. In your plans of visiting the country you should also consider a way to obtain your visa for entering Vietnam. is your partner for all topics concerning your visa. No matter how fast you need your approval or from which country you are from, the team of will help you to obtain your entry permit as soon as possible. If you have any questions concerning obtaining a visa for Vietnam, feel free to contact us.

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