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The nightlife scene in Vietnam is extremely dynamic – cities like Saigon, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are full of lively pubs, clubs and bars. And the best part is that going out in the Southeast Asian country is far from expensive. After all, one of the cheapest draft beers in the world is brewed in Vietnam. Vietnam's nightlife doesn't just consist of parties and alcohol, of course. Likewise, the holidaymaker can enjoy a colorful cultural program and experience the diversity of the Vietnamese lifestyle. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE informs you in the following about everything you need to know about Vietnam's nightlife

Vietnam's nightlife – not without Saigon!

The party metropolis of Vietnam is clearly Saigon, the former capital. There is everything your heart desires: from impressive rooftop bars, in which fabulously expensive cocktails are served, to cozy pubs, where you can get a cool beer for the equivalent of 50 cents. Vietnam's nightlife pulsates in Saigon, especially in the city center and in the backpacker district called Pham Ngu Lao. At both locations, the parties last until late at night. There is one difference, however, in the flair: Pham Ngu Lao is much more "relaxed" than around the large streets Le Loi and Dong Khoi.

Places to be in Saigon

In connection with Vietnam's nightlife, the name of the Caravelle Hotel is inevitable. Here, on the ninth floor, there is a legendary rooftop bar. Visitors can not only sip delicious drinks, but also admire various sights along the way – from the roof terrace, you can gaze at, among other things, roam the Notre-Dame cathedral and the Opera House.

Saigon is also home to what is probably Vietnam's most famous nightclub – the Apocalypse Now, which is a little hidden in a side street called Thi Sach. Tourists and locals alike come here to end the day and celebrate life. If you are looking for the cheap nightlife of Vietnam, you are wrong here. The Apocalypse Now is in every travel guide and is characterized by corresponding prices. The two clubs Crazy Buffalo and Go2 in the backpacker district are much cheaper.

Welcome to the capital!

Hanoi – especially compared to Saigon – has long been considered sleepy and calm. But there are also more and more bars and clubs in the capital that shape Vietnam's nightlife. The Mao's Red Lounge and the Dragonfly are just a few favorites. If you want to get an overview of the entire offer, you should stop in the old town of Hanoi. Especially along the streets My May, Ngoc Quyen and Hang Buom.

Vietnam has been able to do what Thailand can for a long time

Vietnam's nightlife also has a lot to offer away from the big cities! For example, Nha Trang is well on the way to compete with the Thai party cities of Phuket and Pattaya. The party-loving Irish pubs (e.g. the Shamrock Bar) and various other facilities (e.g. the Why Not Bar), where the party continues after midnight, are located here.

Tip: The game is also wild in Vung Tau, in the Mekong Delta. The American GIs already "recovered" from the hardships of the war. The city south of Saigon was once a mecca for tourists who have a penchant for permissive women. Today, "tourists with claim" are the main target group.

More tips for nightlife in Vietnam

Phan Thiet is a small coastal town, the name of which is not often mentioned when it comes to nightlife in Vietnam. And yet the place has a lot to offer! From one of the many restaurants or bars you can gaze out over the open sea while enjoying fresh seafood. Phan Thiet is the perfect place for all those who expect peace and relaxation from Vietnam's nightlife. The best-visited venues include the Dragon Bar and Deja Vu.

During the day, Hoi An's streets are hard to beat in idyll. As soon as the sun disappears behind the horizon, there is a completely different vibe in the old town: trendy bistros and live music bars alternate with traditional dance performances, colorful lanterns and light games on the river bank. The most popular places to go include the Zero Sea Mile Beach Club and the Dive Bar.

Da Lat – the capital of the province of Lam Dong – in the south of Vietnam is known for its colonial atmosphere and for its imposing natural beauties. The place cannot keep up with Saigon or Hanoi when it comes to partying, but still offers visitors many interesting points of contact. For example, there is the Da Lat Night Market. Here you will find countless snack and other stands that offer fresh, local delicacies. And if that's not enough to get to know Vietnam's nightlife, you can stop off in one of the many bars (e.g. Le Rabelais Bar or Larry's Bar). Here you can get white wine and Bordeaux-like wines from the region – the former colonial power France imported these drinks into the country.

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