Vietnam's jungle: home to an infinite number of living beings

Vietnam's Jungle

For years now, no other place in the world has discovered so many new species as in Vietnam's jungle or in general in the Southeast Asian country. This biodiversity includes, thanks to the fact that about a quarter of the country, consists of (rain) forest. This number was even greater until it was destroyed by the Vietnam War and today's environmental destruction: two thirds (!) of Vietnam were once covered by forest. Deforestation and the conversion into usable areas are causing the areas to decline more and more. Which does not detract from the biodiversity of Vietnam's jungle – not yet! Find out more now. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE has researched for you.

The flora of the Vietnamese jungle

The country's forests consist of five characteristic floors:

  1. Trees that reach heights of 40 to 50 m (e.g. Terminalia myriocarpa)
  2. Trees with a height of 20 to 35 m (e.g. Melia azedarash)
  3. Banana trees and other tree species with a height between 10 and 20 m
  4. A bush layer (nettle plants, etc.) with a height of up to 8 m
  5. A layer of soil (grasses, etc.).

Fascinating representatives of the Vietnamese jungle fauna include:

In addition, there are jungle plants in Vietnam, the leaves of which are the size of an umbrella, as well as many other breathtaking creatures. These are by no means always plant-based...

Elephants, tigers and much more live here

Other residents of the Vietnamese jungle

You have to experience that!

We hope you enjoyed the little excursion into the flora and fauna of the Vietnamese jungle. Of course, this list is not nearly complete – there are simply too many species in the Southeast Asian country. One can only hope that this will not change in the future either!What are you waiting for? Apply online now and travel to the land of smiles and experience the diversity explained "firsthand"!

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