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When you think of kite surfing and holidays, you quickly think of the best kite surfing spots in the world. Countries like Spain and Portugal, the ABC Islands or the Dominican Republic provide a wide range of possibilities and attract countless professionals and amateurs to the dream beaches around the globe every year. One country that keeps appearing on the map of kite surfing is Vietnam, and for good reason – kite surfing in Vietnam is absolutely trendy.

Therefore we from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE would like to show you in the following what kite surfing in Vietnam is all about and which possibilities already exist today!

The somewhat different holiday: Kite Surfing in Vietnam brings hobby and holiday together

Travelling in Southeast Asia has become more and more popular in recent years and is no longer one of those rare pioneer trips that only the brave adventurers take on. The whole country offers breathtaking attractions. From lively cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to very special nature like the Mekong Delta or the hilly north, to very special cultural sites like the imperial city of Hue, there are many options on your journey.

So if you are looking for a kite surfing holiday in Vietnam, you can combine this with other options. Especially the huge coastlines offer themselves here to combine both. This is also due to the fact that these are simply to be found all over the country. Of course not every beach is suitable for kite surfing in Vietnam, but the potential is still huge.

The country has a lot of dream beaches, many of them are also suitable for kite surfing

As already mentioned, the long coastline is a guarantee that there are many good kite surfing spots in Vietnam. The best part? Finding a beach that is not breathtakingly beautiful is the greater challenge than finding those that are so comprehensively convincing. The deep blue waters typical of Southeast Asia and Vietnam coupled with the sandy beaches are just as much a part of this as the hills that rise up out of the water in many places in a particularly impressive way. However, this cannot be generalized for every beach and that is where the charm lies!

These are the best spots for kite surfing in Vietnam

We would like to give you some direct tips for the best kite surfing spots in Vietnam, so that you can plan your trip perfectly. Therefore the following beaches and destinations are especially interesting around kite surfing in Vietnam:

  • About 150 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City is the Mui Ne beach, which is considered one of the best destinations for kite surfing in Vietnam.
  • If you continue to explore the coast further north, you will quickly land at Phan Rang, another hotspot with breathtaking scenery.
  • Centrally located in the country, beautiful and well connected with its own airport is Da Nang, another destination for international kite surfing tourists.
  • Also located in the vast southern part of the country is Nah Trang, a white sandy beach coupled with the rough sea it needs for kite surfing in Vietnam.
  • The coast has even more to offer. Destinations such as the Lighthouse Beaches of Ke Ga, Cam Ranh or La Gi, all of which are already absolutely worth a trip.

The season is what counts

Especially those who come from the northern hemisphere can allow themselves a kind of escape from the winter low with kite surfing in Vietnam. This is because the best months for kite surfing in Vietnam are between December and March and the temperatures are still bearable then. Summer is also a good time for kite surfing, but more for beginners who are looking for milder temperatures.

Even without your own equipment, kite surfing is possible in Vietnam

What often discourages especially beginners is the huge effort around the kite surfing holidays and therefore also around kite surfing in Vietnam. But this effort can be reduced considerably, because there are many clubs, especially at the mentioned hotspots, which offer certain equipment and want to attract tourists. Therefore, this can also be used as an alternative for kite surfing in Vietnam.

All around kite surfing in Vietnam : The whole trip has to be planned

Besides the question of equipment, the whole trip has to be planned when kitesurfing in Vietnam. Of course, it is possible that the classic backpacking holiday is carried out with very little planning, but even here there are some things to consider and plan. Beside the flights and possible accommodation, the visa is especially important as a basic requirement. With VIETNAM VISA ONLINE you have the possibility to do this, which is why you will find all necessary information, such as Visa cost and visa requirements with us!

Created: 8/18/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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