The best beaches in Vietnam: A selection

A dream beach

Vietnam does not have a reputation as a pure beach destination. And that's just as well! After all, there is a lot to experience and discover here. But that doesn't mean that there aren't also paradise-like sandy beaches with turquoise-blue water. And the best thing is: compared to other countries, like Thailand, the destinations are very quiet, almost deserted. Get to know the best beaches in Vietnam below and pack your swimming trunks! VIETNAM VISA ONLINE has researched for you!

Nha Trang: One of the most famous beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang is one of the largest cities in the country. There is a kilometre-long white sandy beach, the warm water of which invites you to relax and snorkel. In combination with the Nha Tranger nightlife, the idyll is a perfect travel destination. For international and Vietnamese guests alike.

Note: Nha Trang beach is one of the most visited beaches in Vietnam. For this reason, it can happen that the region is a bit crowded in the high season.

Vietnam beaches – "Sign me up for sunbathing!"

Tuy Hoa is less known for its beach than for the former U.S. Air Force Base (Tuy Hoa Airbase). The city is anything but touristic, which should also be due to the Soviet-style architecture. Nevertheless, you should take a look here! The beach is not only big and impressive, but you will have it almost to yourself. And after sunbathing, head to the city center to indulge in culinary delights in the many food stalls.

Note: The Tuy Hoa is definitely not one of the best-known beaches of Vietnam. The isolation and friendliness of the locals make sure that you feel good here.

Chill like the Gis on Vietnam beaches

The first US troops in the Vietnam War landed in Da Nang. Thus, the city developed into an important naval base. And since GIs also have to recover at some point, the beach just a few steps away came just in time. China Beach, as the US soldiers dubbed it, is home to some of the country's most pompous resorts around 45 years after the end of the war. No wonder when you see the kilometer-long section of white sand with palm trees and turquoise blue water! The Da Nang is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

Swim and snorkel on the Bai Men

The Bai Men beach on the island of Nam Du is snow white and the water is particularly clear. Perfect conditions for relaxing and exploring the offshore coral reef! Numerous species of fish can be admired here. And if the sunlight gets too strong, make yourself comfortable under a lush green palm tree.

Relax away from tourism

The 400 m long Bai Mon on Phu Yen is one of the shorter beaches in Vietnam. It is framed by lush green rocks and is hardly accessible for tourists. The latter is also due to the fact that you have to hike around a kilometer over sand dunes before you reach the section. The walk is definitely worth it!

Tip: In the west of Vietnamese beach, a fresh water stream winds through the surroundings – a great photo opportunity for every vacationer!

Vietnam beaches – Give yourself a break!

On the Vinh Cuu peninsula, more precisely: on the Bai Nom beach, solitude is very important. When swimming, you are only "accompanied" by the surrounding rocks and some backpackers. For backpackers, the beach is an insider tip – you won't find any holidaymakers here.

Additional tip for the best beaches in Vietnam: Fishing boat tours to Cu Lao Xanh can be booked in the nearby village – a small island that is second to none.

By boat to one of the best beaches in Vietnam

To get from Phan Thiet to the idyllic island of Phu Quy, you have to travel 90 kilometers by boat or boat. It sounds exhausting at first, but it definitely pays off. The nature on the island is almost untouched; the sand in Trieu Duong Bay is bright white and the water couldn't be clearer.

Tip for adventurers: Phu Quy is so "quiet" that you can pitch your tent here without any problems. Spend the night on one of the best beaches in Vietnam – an unforgettable experience.

Nuoc Ngot: Pure bathing pleasure

The crossing from the mainland to the island of Binh Hung is considerably shorter than the previously recommended tour (the duration is about ten minutes). Since there are no hotels here, only a few tourists end up on the rocky island. That means you can splash around and build castles undisturbed on Nuoc Ngot Beach.

Note: It is the seclusion combined with the picturesque surroundings that makes the Nuoc Ngot one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

The perfect end of the day

After an eventful day enjoying the sunset and sipping a coconut while doing so – this is not possible on many beaches in Vietnam. After all, most of the coastline lies to the east.

Not so the Long Beach on Phu Quoc. The golden yellow sand stretches for around 14 miles – it's a great place to swim and relax!

Vietnam's beaches await you!

Now you know some of the best beaches in Vietnam. If you want to experience these beautiful places in real life, just apply online for a Vietnam visa and get to know the Southeast Asian idyll with all its facets! You will be enthusiastic. And not just from the gorgeous beach sections that look like they are painted!

Created: 4/17/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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