Vietnam living cost: What to expect when moving to Vietnam

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As Vietnam is known for its beautiful landscape and breathtaking beaches, there is no wonder a lot of people from western countries are interested in living there whereas the western world can be tough, expensive, and stressful. But if you want to move to Vietnam there are certain aspects that should be considered well before leaving your country and starting a new chapter in life. To give you an impression of what it costs to live in Vietnam, VIETNAM VISA ONLINE prepared a little blog entry for you to see what's needed and how prices vary from what you know out of the western world.

The Vietnam living cost differs a lot from what you might know

As said in the beginning, a country like Vietnam is totally different in contrast to what you are used to from home. Everything from housing to transportation, cost for leisure/activities, groceries and other expenses like water, gas and so on is way cheaper than what you are used to. All in all, you can say, Vietnam is quite inexpensive in all terms. But inexpensive is a malleable phrase that has scope for interpretation as not all the people living in the western world have the same standards of living and the same amount of money to their own disposition.

Like everywhere else in this world prices and living costs depend on the place you are in the world and what kind of person you are as much as what kind of lifestyle you want to live. To give you a quick idea of Vietnam in general, you could say it is approximately 50% cheaper than in the western hemisphere and about 5-25% less than most of the other Southeast Asian countries. But even in Vietnam itself, prices vary throughout the country as it does in any other countries in the world, too. The most expensive cities in Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. That is because these cities are bigger than others and more likely to be touristic than other small cities or towns that do not offer a lot of sightseeing or adventuring. A couple, for instance, can enjoy a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle for less than $1300 per month in one of these two cities. As this sounds quite suitable for most of the people from the West, there are also many Westerners who live a lifestyle of about $500 per month. Just keep in mind, that this is more a kind of a no-frills lifestyle such as a luxurious one. If you are looking for top-end luxury, including a large home with a nice view and housekeeping staff, eating out at the best restaurants in town and taking frequent trips throughout the country, you need a monthly budget of about $4000. If you plan on living outside of Vietnam's two largest cities, prices will be much less. For about $800-$1100 you will be able to afford a house or apartment with all utilities needed. In those small towns you might also find houses with ocean views and short walks to the beaches, which are mostly just around the corner. If you can afford a monthly budget of about $3500-$4500 you can almost live like a royal with a nice furnished, modern villa with a private pool, housekeeping staff and dining out almost every day. As you can see the house prices depend on the location and services included as much as which lifestyle you desire. Next to renting a house or apartment for yourself, elementary things such as electricity, water and gas are way cheaper than what you are used to from the West. Also, internet and cable TV are much cheaper to get. All things considered you can say your monthly bill will be about $80-$100 for everything. Groceries and entertainment like gym-membership for example or whatever your hobbies might be will sum up a $150-$350 a month, depending on how often you will go outside having nice diners, fancy drinks or else that is needed for your personal entertainment.

It does not take a lot of money to make a nice living out of the Vietnam living cost

In conclusion, if you want to make an easy living in Vietnam without any special extras on top you will be fine with about $500 a month, ergo $6000 a year. If you want some more from life or even a top-end luxurious lifestyle costs vary between $1500-$4500 monthly, hence $18000-$54000 a year.

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Created: 9/21/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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