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Ban Gioc detian falls with unique natural beauty

Thinking about Vietnam it has a lot to offer when it comes to gorgeous countrysides, big bustling cities, ancient historic places, and beautiful beaches. A lot of tourists going there every year are amazed by the variety it has to offer in so many different areas. But as much as the big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City have to offer, there is always a lot of noise, pollution, and crowded streets that at one point you just want to escape from. Therefore, VIETNAM VISA ONLINE created this article to make you familiar with the countryside of Vietnam and to give you a little insight of how the people are living there

The countryside of Vietnam still plays a huge role in preserving traditions and the Vietnamese culture

Regardless of the region you will visit in Vietnam you will always become witness of traditional values. As these values and customs play a big role in Vietnam in general, there is no better place to experience them as in the countryside. With over 60% of the Vietnamese population living in the rural areas it is characterized as an agrarian country. Even though the majority of Vietnam is living there, it is a lot quieter and more peaceful than in the cities because there are way more lands as in the urban areas. Visiting these countrysides you will catch a glimpse at the farmers with their traditional Nón lá hats, water buffaloes and green paddy fields as far as the eye can see. Surrounded by an amazing landscape, you can see various types of green and easily fall in love with this natural beauty called mother earth. You will feel the refreshing, peaceful atmosphere once you will get there instantly.

But not only the landscape itself will make you feel comfortable. It is the people's kind way and hospitality towards foreigners that will make you feel good, too. Most of the people living in the countrysides are friendly farmers who make a living by growing vegetables and rice, making traditional crafts such as pottery and knitting or raising livestock. Those of them who live near rivers and seas also try to make a living out of fishing. They often go to the temples to wish for luck and health for their families and loved ones. In addition to that, they participate in festivals organized by villagers of their community preserving their customs. All in all, they live a simple but happy life, staying gracious and thankful with what they have, working hard and will always help each other. Speaking of cultural traditions, the Vietnamese people living in rural areas are preparing ceremonies and festivals such as weddings, Tet holiday or death memorials, all together. From the preparing to the decoration and the organization of food and the celebration itself, they do everything together. These events are considered as very important for family members to gather from different places and show the value of their traditions and culture. As tourism develops in the rural areas of Vietnam, the people there also try to make a living out of it by introducing tourists to their handicraft making processes, homestay and promoting their local cuisine. Since tourism in Vietnam, especially in the countryside grows, this is a great opportunity for the people there to generate more income and participate from an easier life in terms of necessities like clean water or electricity. With the improvement of the infrastructure in the countrysides, which also partly results from the touristic interest, the people there and you as a tourist will have less problems with connection such as telecommunication and internet. According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, about 98% of the Vietnamese living in rural areas have access to electricity and about 90% have access to clean water by now. You can see, the life in Vietnam's countryside is getting more and more convenient.

The countryside of Vietnam is a great travel opportunity beneath the bustling city life

As you have read so far, there is a lot recovery and relaxation waiting for you in Vietnam's countryside. If you plan to go there, just make sure that in some areas it is still taking you some time to get there, as infrastructure is in development and not all regions are on the same level. Apart from the time you might need to invest to get there, it will surely give you the soothing and relaxed feelings you need. If you have any further questions about the Vietnam countryside or if you need help with the application for your visa feel free to contact us anytime.

Created: 10/1/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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