The Vietnam student visa: it can be worthwhile

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The dream of a semester abroad. Valuable experiences can be combined with unique travel opportunities. Students learn at the university and at the same time make lifelong contacts. And in the resume, the stay makes a good impression. But it is a long way to go before all this is really experienced, also for the stay abroad in Vietnam. Applications are made, acceptances and rejections are given and at some point it all gets down to business.

As soon as the place of study and other basic data are known, you have to apply for a Vietnam student visa to be able to stay there. This is not a big hurdle, but should be approached correctly. We from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE will show you what counts!

In which cases is a Vietnam student visa useful?

It must be differentiated when it comes to the Vietnam student visa. This is because there are simply different starting situations and the Vietnam student visa has to be granted first. This is because it is not to be confused with a normal visa, but rather allows a temporary stay. Background is that most stays are longer. This stay is there for primarily intended for the following two cases and will be granted accordingly:

  • Semester abroad in Vietnam
  • Internship abroad in Vietnam

Students who apply for a conventional visa do not benefit for many real advantages. And even excursions in a university setting may require a Letter of Invitation, even for short stays.

Vietnam student visa: How can the application be successful?

Basically, the application is quite simple and not a big hurdle. So it is important that the application is made in time and correctly. The necessary documents have to be filled out and it is important to know in advance about your possibilities. Therefore it is important to find the right channels and information, to fill out and submit the intuitive and self-explanatory documents and applications accordingly.

Which information is necessary for the Vietnam student visa?

To be more specific, we would also like to mention the necessary documents. Especially important are documents that are required for temporary residence cards like the Vietnam student visa. Here, for example, it has to be proven that the study abroad or the internship is taking place and also proof of accommodation and duration are quite useful and often necessary. There are also other documents that should not be neglected:

  • The passport with sufficient validity before expiry
  • A written request for the stay
  • Photos that correspond to the requested information

Further documents are required and exact details will be provided when applying for the Vietnam student visa.

VIETNAM VISA ONLINE is your address for the Vietnam student visa!

A semester abroad in Vietnam or an internship with a potentially interesting employer in Vietnam are opportunities that no student wants to miss. Then it should not fail because of the Vietnam student visa. A careful application is the most important step. Meanwhile there is the possibility for many nationalities to take this step very simply and directly online – save time and money and rely on optimized systems and solutions. With VIETNAM VISA ONLINE we also offer help for this purpose and thus make it faster and easier to get the Vietnam student visa. Take a look at our site to learn more and feel free to contact us!

Created: 9/17/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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