Best sightseeing spots in Vietnam

Sightseeing spots in vietnam

Sightseeing in Vietnam includes relics of the country's eventful history, picturesque landscapes, including national parks as well as an overwhelming cultural diversity. It quickly becomes clear that the country in Southeast Asia has a lot to offer for the holidaymaker. Below is a selection of the best sightseeing spots in Vietnam. So that the stay in the South China Sea is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

Sightseeing in Vietnam: One of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet

Probably the most popular attraction in the country is the legendary Halong Bay. The natural spectacle is around 150 miles from the capital Hanoi. Here, in the still water off the coast, over 2,000 (!) spectacular islands await the curious, which are wrapped in a warm fog and provide for a mystical scenery. An ancient myth says that these rock formations were created thousands of years ago. Namely, when a Vietnamese dragon defended his country against intruders. One of the most beautiful landscapes on our planet was born.

By the way: This sightseeing spot in Vietnam is on the list of the seven wonders of nature.

A town like in a fairy tale

Another must-see takes vacationers to the center of the country, more precisely: to the city of Hoi An. This small town is not only hard to beat in terms of beauty, it also houses a unique landmark: a Japanese wooden bridge that connects the two historic quarters of the city. While the bridge almost looks like an antique doll's house by day, it gives the place its magical colors at night with a fairytale shape.

Hoi An has even more to offer for Vietnam sightseeing! In the old town, holidaymakers will find a gem for the arts in all shapes and colors. You should definitely take the time to explore the idyllic town right down to the smallest corner.

Rice can be so beautiful!

When sightseeing in Vietnam, the famous rice terraces of Sapa should not be missing! Now the question pops up, what is so special about cultivated rice. Very simple: The fields in the North Vietnamese mountains look beautiful! The rice terraces meander cascading down the mountains; in spring they shine in lush green; Autumn, in other words: the harvest time bathes the plants in a golden color, which creates a photo motif for the gods.

Good to know: Sapa is not just a place for Vietnam sightseeing. The rice terraces are home to various ethnic minorities, such as the Gmong tribe. You can recognize this people by the round headgear and the typical black and colorful costumes.

Sightseeing in Vietnam: In the footsteps of the Chinese rulers

In the heart of Vietnam's imperial city Hué, there is a magnificent citadel, the architecture of which was brought into the country by the former Chinese rulers. The red and gold shimmering UNESCO World Heritage Site is based on the Forbidden City in Beijing. The visitor is captivated by its magnificent archways and decorations.

Additional tip for Vietnam sightseeing: Hué is located directly on the Southeast Asian Perfume River. This is equally suitable for long walks along the bank and for an unforgettable boat trip.

Vietnam was once very competitive

When sightseeing in Vietnam, the history of the country should not be neglected either! In the Saigon War Victims Museum, which is one of the most visited attractions in the country, the events of the Vietnam War are processed. The special thing about this is that the war is portrayed from the Vietnamese perspective. Nevertheless, there are also tanks and warplanes of the Americans in the museum. A photo exhibition that authentically depicts the horrors of war rounds off the program.

Imposing, impressive, Mekong

Another famous Vietnam sightseeing spot is the Mekong Delta. This is an area in South Vietnam in which the Mekong River divides into various branches of the river and ultimately flows into the South China Sea. Visitors can expect a magnificent river landscape with species-rich flora and fauna that extends over hundreds of kilometers.

Good to know: The Mekong River is said to be the country's lifeline. This is because it serves as a fishing and rice growing area and as a trading hub. Accordingly, the typical floating markets on cutters and wooden boats can be admired during Vietnam sightseeing.

Sightseeing in Vietnam – Experience all the beauty of the country

The country in Southeast Asia has so much to offer that there is not enough space here to describe all the sightseeing spots in Vietnam. Orientate yourself on our sightseeing list and get to know the many other highlights of the country. We wish you an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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Created: 1/17/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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