Unveil the Magic of Hanoi: The Ancient Capital of Vietnam

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Hanoi's allure is magnetic, with its ability to preserve tradition while embracing change. Every street corner, market stall, and ancient building tells a story waiting to be discovered.

Getting There

Noi Bai International Airport remains the city's air gateway. Efficient transport options like the Airport Shuttle, express buses, or trusted taxi services can transport you to the city's core.


  • Lakeside Retreats: Imagine waking up to the placid views of the West Lake or Truc Bach Lake.
  • Heritage Stays: Relive history in colonial mansions transformed into boutique accommodations.
  • Homestays: Experience genuine Vietnamese hospitality and immerse in local life.

Historical Attractions

  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Pay respects to Vietnam's founding father.
  • Museum of Vietnamese History: Traverse through time, from ancient dynasties to modern-day Vietnam.
  • Ancient House at 87 Ma May Street: Step into a traditional Vietnamese residence, preserved through centuries.


  • Seafood Delights: Try the freshwater crab noodles or "Bun Rieu Cua" at local eateries.
  • Traditional Cafes: Dive into the world of "Ca Phe Phin", the traditional drip coffee, in hidden alleyway cafes.
  • Craft Beer Hubs: Experience Hanoi’s burgeoning craft beer scene.


  • Bat Trang Pottery Village: Engage in pottery workshops in this centuries-old ceramic village.
  • Local Theatres: Watch the enchanting "Cheo" or traditional operetta performances.
  • Early Morning Tai Chi: Join locals at parks and lakeshores as they indulge in this meditative practice.

Nature & Recreation

  • Thu Le Park: A serene escape with a small zoo, perfect for families.
  • Hanoi Botanical Garden: Reconnect with nature amidst the urban sprawl.
  • Biking Tours: Explore the countryside, witnessing rural life and verdant landscapes.

Local Culture & Etiquette

When attending religious or traditional events, modest attire is appreciated. A smile and a friendly "Xin Chao" (Hello) will make locals warm up to you instantly.

Shopping & Souvenirs

  • Craft Villages: From silk in Van Phuc to bamboo in Phu Vinh, discover artisanal wonders.
  • Unique Gifts: Look for "Do Paper" notebooks, traditional conical hats, and handcrafted jewelry.

Visa Information

Embark on your Hanoi journey seamlessly. Apply for your visa through our Vietnam e-Visa Application Form, making your transition into the city smooth and trouble-free.

Off the Beaten Path

  • Long Bien Bridge: Designed by Gustave Eiffel, it's an emblem of resilience and history.
  • Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural: This 4km artwork celebrates national pride and history.

Created: 9/13/2023 | Modified: 4/18/2024

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