From Lithuania to Vietnam: With the Vietnam Visa Lithuania no problem at all!

Between Lithuania and Vietnam are a few hours by plane. But in both directions the long journey is worthwhile. While in Lithuania the beautiful Baltic Sea and much more awaits, Vietnam is also full of beautiful surprises and outstanding destinations. From the impressive Mekong Delta to Halong Bay and the impressive Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has a lot to offer for tourists. And for business people, the country's thriving business community is also extremely interesting.

But before you can see all this and much more, you need to take care of an appropriate Vietnam Visa Lithania. With you are exactly at the right place and can easily and efficiently get the important Vietnam Visa Lithuania. In the following you will learn more about this.

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For the Vietnam Visa Lithuania, we need some documents from you

As with most visas to be applied for, the Vietnam Visa Lithuania is tied to documents being filled out by you and practically brought with you. Thus, with the eVisa of the Vietnam Visa Lithuania, you need to apply online for the required application with our Vietnam Visa application form. All this is extremely user-friendly and can be done quite intuitively, bindingly and officially directly on our site in just a few steps. This way you will be informed easily and unbureaucratically about the status of your application of the Vietnam Visa Lithuania. As a rule, your Vietnam Visa Lithuania will be processed in a short time anyway.

If you have then received the positive decision regarding the Vietnam Visa Lithuania, the entry is imminent. You can then follow the instructions that are given. When entering the country, you will need a few more documents with the eVisa, which include the following:

  • Passport: No entry without passport in combination with Vietnam Visa Lithuania. The decisive factor here is the validity of 6 months.
  • 2 passport photos: Two passport photos are also required to match the eVisa and the passport status.
  • Visa documents: With the NA1 form and the Visa registration letter there are two more documents that have to be packed visa specific.

Tip: When completing the process for the Vietnam Visa Lithuania, you will receive all the necessary information from us and can find out in detail what you need to remember.

Duration of stay and travel plans are crucial for Vietnam Visa Lithuania

Before applying, it is also important that you already know about your travel plans. You should ask yourself two questions in particular:

  • How long is the period from the first entry and the last exit from Vietnam in the travel period?
  • Will you or will you not leave the country during the travel period and if so, are you planning to re-enter?

The background for this is actually quite simple. There are four Vietnam Visa Lithuania to choose from: 1 month single entry, 1 month multiple, 3 months single entry & 3 months multiple. The principle is self-explanatory, however, it also becomes clear that you know the plans in the best case beforehand based on your flight details.

All necessary information regarding the Vietnam Visa Lithuania and the application from one source directly with us!

So that everything goes well in terms of your Vietnam Visa from Lithuania, you do not have to look further, but have already found the right provider. So you learn everything from a single source, can apply directly and can also ask us questions if desired. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE is your reliable partner to choose! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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