Easy entry requirements: Your Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens

There are many reasons why a trip to Vietnam is worthwhile. Hardly any other country in the world can offer so many different things. Impressive sandy beaches along the coast contrast with the 3,143 meter high Fanispan. The Mekong Delta with the countless branches, floating markets and diverse wildlife and the highlands in the Phong Nha-Ke Bàng National Park are such a contrast. But that's not all why the trip to Vietnam is so beautiful.

Entry: The fairly simple entry should also be mentioned here. For Russian citizens, there is the option of entering without a visa, especially for stays of up to 15 days. With the proof of the length of stay, it is simply stamped in the passport. Certain requirements, such as a passport that is still valid for six months and free pages in the same, are of course also necessary. For longer trips, a Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens is still necessary and we from VIETNAM VISA ONLINE would like to explain this in the following.

Visa stamps in an airplan form

For a long stay you can choose from various Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens

There are so many ways to travel in Vietnam. Vietnam is obviously popular with backpackers, but organized group travel and much more is also possible. What is the same for almost all types of travel is the previous planning, which usually determines the length of stay. This is important not only for hostel and hotel bookings as well as your travel planning, but also for the Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens. There are a total of four options that are available for trips longer than 15 days:

  • 1 month / single entry
  • 1 month / multiple entries
  • 3 months / single entry
  • 3 months multiple entries

If you have decided on the right Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens based on your plans, it is still about being prepared when you travel. So you have to apply for the Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens online first. This is right here with us. There you can, for example, provide information about yourself and your trip. You will then receive a confirmation after the processing time, which you must print out and have with you when entering the country. This also applies to two passport photos, the NA1 form, the passport and the stamp fee.

With our Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens, your journey starts now!

How relaxed or nervous you travel is different, even when it comes to beautiful Vietnam. Some people are extremely nervous and definitely want to be prepared. Other travelers are relaxed, may have already had some major trips. Not everything can be planned and not everything will always succeed. In most cases, this is simply the reality of the Vietnam trip.

We still want to make sure that everything succeeds, especially when the trip starts so important. For this we rely on a diverse concept. On the one hand, we make everything about the Vietnam Visa for Russian Citizens particularly simple and intuitive. On the other hand, we offer you comprehensive additional services where we can offer you, for example, airport pick-up. You can find a wide range of information on all of this on our website.

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