The Vietnam Visa for Nepali citizens: Welcome to the land of smiles!

Have you always wanted to get to know Asia at its best? Then you are exactly right in Vietnam! The pearl of Southeast Asia, as the land of smiles is also called, enchants with unique natural landscapes and a legendary culture. In addition, there is a pleasant climate and culinary highlights that make your mouth water.

So, it's best to apply for the Vietnam visa for Nepali citizens right away and start preparing for your trip! You can't pack your thing early enough. With our accredited visa agency at your side, you can get your residence permit in no time at all – with no difficulty and absolutely comfortably.

Mountainous landscape in Nepal

Apply for the Vietnam visa for Nepalese and discover unique landscapes

Every time you take pictures of Halong Bay or the like,do you think: "Man, I absolutely have to go there"? Then what are you waiting for? Visit the "Bay of the Descending Dragon" and do not miss this must-see for every Vietnam traveler!

You can experience this jewel of nature up close on a boat tour. However, you should book this in advance – Halong Bay (in Vietnamese: Vịnh Hạ Long) is in great demand.

Or how about a tour of the Mekong Delta? Get your personal admission ticket to one of the most fascinating landscapes on our planet with the Vietnam visa for Nepalese! Huge marshes, majestic rivers, floating markets – all this and much more is waiting to be admired.

Note: Southeast Asia has many more unique places to offer. At this point, however, there is not enough space to name all the beauties. That's why it's best to apply for your Vietnam visa for Nepali citizen and explore the country on your own!

You need this for the application

When it comes to a residence permit, it is of course also important for you to know how to get it:

First of all, you need to know that Nepal belongs to group 2. These are countries for which special entry requirements apply. This is due to rudimentary or even missing diplomatic relationships. You can find out more in the next section. First of all, however, we will explain to you which "standard documents" are required to apply for the Vietnam visa for Nepalese or for entry:

  1. a passport that is valid for at least six months. The day of entry into Vietnam is the key date.
  2. two current passport photos. Your face must be facing straight ahead and you must not wear glasses.
  3. the completed NA1 form

In addition, you will need enough cash in local currency when you enter the country. With this you pay the visa stamp fees at the airport.

Other required documents for your Vietnam visa

Since your home country belongs to group 2 of the countries, the application process for the Vietnam visa for Nepali citizens does not only take a little more time. In addition to the ones already mentioned, additional documents are also required:

  • Copy of the main page of your ID document
  • Booking and payment confirmation of your return flight
  • Proof of booking and payment of hotel reservations or similar.

As soon as you have all these papers on hand, you can get started right away. If you need support or if you need more information about Vietnam Visa for Nepali citizens, we are happy to help. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE looks forward to advising you and wishes you an unforgettable vacation!

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