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Anyone who has ever set foot on Vietnamese territory will remember the hospitality. The Vietnamese are considered excellent hosts who are dedicated to caring for the needs of others. This applies to the urban areas around Ho Chi Minh City and other areas, as well as in remote areas such as the mountain town of Sapa. Use the Vietnam Visa for Greek Citizens to immerse yourself in a world completely unknown to you along forests, canyons and rice terraces.

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Apply for the Vietnam Visa for Greek Citizens to broaden your horizon!

Especially the old city of Hanoi, with sights like the Temple of Literature, the oldest university in the country, exudes a unique charm. As one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you have the rich history of the pearl of Southeast Asia on one single spot. Use the Vietnam Visa for Greek Citizens to spend a unique vacation in the middle of a peculiar cultural landscape.

We will be happy to explain what you need for this below:

  • The Vitenam visa for Greek Citizens requieres a passport with at least two blank pages for the entry stamp. Please note that the Vietnamese government and its Vietnam Visa policy requires that the document is valid for at least six months. This is calculated from the date of entry. Unfortunately, we cannot accept temporarily issued documents for the Vietnam Visa for Greek Citizens.
  • Two passport photos, which are up-to-date and show you without any aids like glasses. Stand up straight and capture your face without borders or other restrictions.
  • The NA1 form, which you can obtain through our site.

Please note: The registration letter, your ticket for easy entry into Vietnam, will be sent to you by e-mail after your payment. During the trip, always make sure you have this document – without the information on it, no entry is possible!

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