Vietnam visa for Bahraini citizens: The pearl of Southeast Asia awaits you!

Would you like to relax on paradisiacal beaches and enjoy breathtaking nature and a very diverse culture? Vietnam offers you exactly that and much more! Apply for your Vietnam visa for Bahraini now and find out why the country is also called "the pearl of Southeast Asia"!

The best thing about it: Our service is tailored to your very individual needs. That means: Our concept makes the application process as comfortable as possible and takes you to a tropical paradise in no time. Find out more here at VIETNAM VISA ONLINE.

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Vietnam visa for Bahraini – these are your options

If you want to apply for a visa, you have several options. These differ in terms of their processing time and in terms of length of stay or visa type:

  • 1 month single entry
  • 3 months single entry
  • 1 month multiple
  • 3 months multiple

Vietnam visa for Bahraini citizens usually take two working days to process. If you are not in a hurry, you can easily opt for "normal" processing.

Can't wait to explore the land of smiles? Then choose URGENT and reduce the processing time to one day.

Do you need the Vietnam visa for Bahraini as soon as possible? In this case, click on EMERGENCY: You will receive your residence permit within just four hours!

Note: No matter when and how fast – VIETNAM VISA ONLINE is your competent partner when it comes to a trip to Southeast Asia.

Apply for the visa – how it works

  1. Call up the relevant section via the menu to start the application process.
  2. Enter your name, gender, date of birth and nationality. The validity of the travel document must also be entered.
  3. We will guide you step by step through the application process. This is precisely tailored to regulations regarding a Vietnam visa for Bahraini.

Please note that as a Bahraini citizen you do not have a so-called simplified Vietnam visa. Instead, we need more information from you (copy of the main page of your ID document, confirmations and proof of payment for the return flight and hotel reservations). This has nothing to do with your individual case, but is simply due to the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Note: The additional work for the Vietnam visa for Bahraini results in an increased processing fee.

Travel to Vietnam easily – you've come to the right place!

"The Pearl of Southeast Asia" awaits you with a unique nature and an incomparable mixture of tradition and modernity. Experience vibrant metropolises such as Saigon and Hanoi; set off on the trail of wild animals in national parks; and learn how beautiful life can be at Vietnam's fantastic stalls. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE makes it possible!

Tired of waiting? Apply for your Vietnam visa for Bahraini today and start preparing for your trip! And so that you don't have to worry about anything on site, we offer our services CAR PICK-UP and VIP FAST LANE. This way you can reach your destination comfortably and completely undisturbed. You can totally count on that!

Note: In order to issue a visa, the Vietnamese government requires additional documents from Bahraini citizens. You don't benefit from a simplified application process, but you do benefit from our full expertise in Vietnam visa for Bahraini citizens. See for yourself!

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