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There is hardly a second country on earth that is as breathtakingly beautiful as Vietnam. It is not without reason that one speaks of the Pearl of Southeast Asia. Break into a world unknown to you and discover a country that can look back on an eventful history. Plan a tour and discover the contrasts that Vietnam offers you. With the north of the country, where the old, traditional Vietnam is at home. And with the south of Vietnam, which has only been part of for two hundred years and is home to countless ethnic minorities – including the Chinese, Khmer and Cham.

What‘s special: With our service you can now plan without delay and plan your trip to Southeast Asia. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE offers the New Zealand Vietnam Visa as part of an automated online process. Our system automatically checks your information and is very easy to use. And completely without paperwork, purely digital and unrivaled fast.

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Apply for New Zealand Vietnam Visa now: Start your journey in Ho Chi Minh City

Have you already read a lot about Indochina and would you like to immerse yourself personally in this very idiosyncratic world? Use the moment and get to know Southeast Asia up close! With the help of our accredited Vietnam Visa Agency, you have everything you need to start preparing for your trip. Discover the world-famous Ha Long Bay, from where you can reach more than 2,000 smaller or larger islands. Familiarize yourself with the unique culture and hospitality that the Vietnamese bring to you.

Your advantage: You can apply for the New Zealand Vietnam Visa particularly easily and completely online. As a New Zealand citizen, you have simplified entry and application procedures. You can easily enter with Visa on Arrival without having to travel long distances to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

You need the following documents to apply for the New Zealand Vietnam Visa via our system:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of entry. Have at least two blank pages ready for the entry stamp. Unfortunately, temporarily valid or other travel documents cannot be accepted.
  • After you apply for the New Zealand Vietnam Visa online, you will receive the registration letter immediately after receipt of payment.
  • You also need two current passport photos, which show you with your eyes straight and without glasses.
  • You will receive the NA1 form. You must show this upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. There you will also receive the visa stamps in your passport.

As you can see, applying for a New Zealand Vietnam Visa is very easy! Take advantage of the opportunities that we can offer you as an accredited visa agency. Start your travel preparations now and become part of the whole. Contact us now. We look forward to your inquiry!

Apply for New Zealand Vietnam Visa now

Visit the old imperial city of Hue Da Nang and experience the country in your own way by train. Go on an expedition to Paradise Cave and discover the breathtaking beauty of this country. We offer you everything you need for it. Apply for your Vietnam Visa directly online through our agency. We are happy to help you with any questions and problems!

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