Vietnam Visa for Ireland – your dream vacation is calling!

Endless white sandy beaches, impressive natural landscapes, diverse cultural experiences. Is this what your dream vacation looks like? Then Vietnam in Southeast Asia is the right destination for you! The country knows how to convince with a variety that is not often seen – if at all a second time. So it's best to apply for the Vietnam visa for Ireland and get to know and love one of the most beautiful places on our planet!

Note: We at VIETNAM VISA ONLINE are an accredited agency. With our innovative system and our extensive services, we can get you your residence permit in no time. And as if that weren't enough, we offer you various comfort services (e.g. CAR PICK-UP, …) that make your stay abroad as pleasant as possible.

The coast of Ireland

Vietnam Visa for Irish citizens in three steps

Good news in advance: Ireland belongs to the first group of countries. What that means? Quite simply: The conventional visa regulations exist for your home. In other words: In addition to the standard documents, no further documents are required and we can process your application in the shortest possible time.

Follow these steps to apply for a Vietnam visa for Irish citizen.

  1. In the header of this page, select the menu item Apply online. Thus the application process starts.
  2. On the following page, provide information about your full name, your gender, your date of birth and your nationality. You must also verify the validity of your passport.
  3. Our program will now guide you through the application. Since this is specifically designed for the Vietnam Visa for Ireland, you have no misunderstandings or other difficulties to fear.

Warning: Your passport must be valid for six months or longer when entering Vietnam.

How fast should it go and how long will you stay?

On the first page of the application, you also provide information about the reason for your visit and the arrival date. You can also book our extra services here and determine how long the processing time may be (NORMAL – 2 working days, URGENT – 1 working day, EMERGENCY – 4 hours). Please also tell us what type of Vietnam visa for Ireland you want:

  • 1 month single entry
  • 1 month multiple
  • 3 months single entry
  • 3 months multiple

Note: You must have enough cash in local currency at the airport in Vietnam to pay the Visa stamp fee. You can read about what else you need for entry in the next section.

The Vietnam Visa for Ireland is not everything …

In order to be admitted to the country at the destination airport, you must have these documents with you:

  • Passport: As already mentioned, this may not be valid for less than six months. In addition, two pages in the passport must be blank so that the immigration officer can place the entry stamp. Any other travel documents are NOT allowed.
  • Two passport photos: Your face must be facing straight ahead and you must not wear glasses. It must be current recordings.
  • NA1 form: This document must be completed and handed over to immigration officials at the airport. Without this form you will be denied entry. Even if you have a Vietnam visa for Irish citizens.
  • Visa registration letter: You will receive this from us by e-mail and immediately after transferring the amount for your visa fee.

Do you need help with the application or on another topic? Contact the VIETNAM VISA ONLINE team!

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