One step closer to your dream vacation: With the Vietnam Visa Germany

The term dream vacation is used a lot, even if not all destinations deserve this name. The Vietnam vacation, however, deserves that. Or what else would you call Halong Bay or Hoi An Old Town? The country stands for diversity and an open and friendly population. Every moment becomes an absolute highlight. This applies both when you are backpacking on your own or on an organized group trip.

The special feature: Germany is one of the countries that have a special agreement with Vietnam. This includes a particularly high degree of freedom of movement when entering the Southeast Asian country. For short stays, a visa in the sense is not necessary and there is no need for time-consuming test procedures. The length of these stays can be up to 15 days, which makes it worthwhile in most cases. We would therefore be happy to provide you with further information on this procedure.

Note: Longer stays are of course also possible, but then more complex procedures are necessary.

Vietnam Visa for German Citizens – The requirements in advance are quite manageable

In order to use the short-term, visa-free entry, some basic requirements must still be met. So it is of course necessary that the entry is officially documented. Of course, this happens at the airport. The necessary basic requirements for Vietnam Visa Germany in this case include the following aspects:

  • The passport must be valid for at least another six months upon arrival. Otherwise, another passport must be applied for in advance.
  • In order for the entry to be properly recorded in the passport, two blank pages in the passport are necessary. When entering and leaving the country, stamps are issued in the passport.
  • When entering the country, it must be proven that the duration of the trip in Vietnam itself does not exceed the prescribed 15 days that are possible without a visa. For tours through several countries, the duration between departure and entry must be at least one month.

Note: The visa-free entries described here are of course dependent on special regulations.

If a Vietnam Visa Germany does become necessary, you are right with us

Of course, there are also cases where the trip to Vietnam takes longer. After all, two of the most important cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are hundreds of kilometers apart and there is a lot to explore in between. In these cases a Vietnam Visa Germany is required, which you can get from us.

So you can go through our normal online process and receive the necessary documents within a few days. Here you have to provide information about the trip, for example, and choose what type of visa you would like to use. All of this is extremely intuitive and can be done easily step-by-step. As an accredited visa agency, we are able to do this. You benefit from low costs and a deliberately reduced effort.

Apply for your Vietnam Visa online now!

Prepare your dream vacation now with the Vietnam Visa for German citizens

Clarifying the entry requirements is one of the most important preparations for a trip. With Vietnam Visa Germany it is particularly easy under certain circumstances, but in other cases it is at least just as difficult, just a little more effort. This is also due to our diverse and well-thought-out options. So, apply for your Vietnam Visa Germany directly here at VIETNAM VISA ONLINE.

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