Learn more about the requirements for a Vietnam Visa for US citizens

Hardly any other country in Southeast Asia symbolizes an exciting mixture of traditional and modern lifestyle. Exotic places are what make this jewel so special in Southeast Asia. Here you will find untouched landscapes for discoveries, lovingly preserved districts and secluded beaches for first-class relaxation. Are you a US citizen and would like to apply for a Vietnam Visa?

Trust the many years of experience and expertise of VIETNAM VISA ONLINE, your Visa Agency for maximum convenience. In the following, we will give you all the important information about the entry requirements that need to be observed.

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Applying for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens

Anyone who gets around a lot and travels the world probably knows one or two hurdles when entering the airport. Things don't always go fast, which can taint the holiday mood. But Vietnam is extremely hospitable and offers US citizens who want to apply for a Vietnam Visa an easy-to-understand application process – completely digital and without paper documents.

Our Visa Agency offers you Visa on Arrival, a fully digital process for maximum convenience. Do you want to concentrate fully on your vacation? No problem, the process is very simple.

Important: Would you like to apply for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens? In this case, you can easily and conveniently go through the Vietnam Visa online application process. The US, with countries such as Canada, Germany or Argentina, are among the countries in Group 1. They benefit from easier conditions.

Step by step through the application process: Apply for Vietnam Visa for US citizens now

To ensure that everything works smoothly and that there are no difficulties when entering Vietnam, we have designed an intuitive application form. You have entered all important data in just a few steps, so that nothing interrupts your journey. In the following we give you a brief description of the individual steps for your Vietnam Visa for US citizens.

Step 1: Apply for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens via our online portal. Our system guides you through the process and automatically checks your information for plausibility. This ensures that no data is missing or entered incorrectly. You need a passport with at least two blank pages for the entry stamp. The passport must be valid for at least six months, based on the first entry into Vietnam.

Attention: Applications with only temporarily valid passports and other travel documents cannot be accepted in this application. In such cases, please contact our customer service.

Step 2: After completing the online payment (PayPal, Credit Card, AMEX) you will receive your registration letter immediately. With this document, your Vietnam Visa for US citizens entry is just ahead!

Step 3: You need two current passport photos, with your face straight and without glasses.

Step 4: The stamp fee for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens is due in cash on arrival at one of the international airports in Vietnam.

Step 5: NA1 form

We look forward to providing you with the best possible support in preparing your trip to Vietnam. Find out more about our comfort and extra services like our fast Vietnam Visa here. We are happy to advise you personally. Rely on our Visa Agency and start planning your vacation now. Apply for the Vietnam Visa for US citizens easily and just online!

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