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Have you always wanted to discover the most beautiful side of the South China Sea? Visit Vietnam, the pearl of Southeast Asia! Here you will find breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes and a pleasant climate to completely immerse yourself in a culture that is unknown to you. Vietnam stands for culinary highlights and cultural impressions that you are guaranteed to remember for years to come!

And best of all: With the special service that we offer you as an accredited Vietnam Visa Agency, you can start your travel preparations straight away. We are officially accredited and recognized by the Government of Vietnam – through us you can get your Vietnam Visa for Ugandans in the simplest possible way!

A beautiful landscape in Uganda

From Kampala directly to Hanoi: Apply for Vietnam Visa for Ugandans online now

Have you always planned to observe the Bay of the Descending Dragon up close? Then nothing stands in your way! Visit the world-famous Ha Long Bay, the classic par excellence and a must-see for every Vietnam traveler. Embark on an individual tour and book one of the multi-day boat tours in advance.

You prefer it closer to nature? Then you can travel straight to the Mekong Delta after receiving your entry ticket with the Vietnam Visa for Ugandans. Deep in the south of the country you can expect completely different climatic conditions and a varied mix of swamps, islands and small rivers. Immerse yourself in a peculiar microcosm of orchards, floating markets and classic Vietnamese country life.

With VIETNAM VISA ONLINE, your visa agency with individual service, nothing stands in the way of a wonderful trip!

All important information regarding entry, visa requirements, etc.

Would you like to learn more about the conditions attached to the issue of the Vietnam Visa for Ugandans? No problem, let's get started:

  • Uganda belongs to group 2 and thus to those countries for which special entry requirements apply. Due to the lack of or only rudimentary diplomatic relations, the application process usually takes a little longer than usual.

When you apply for the Vietnam Visa for Ugandans, you must provide certain documents and provide any information we need to process it. The following data are involved:

  • Passport with a validity of at least six months, calculated on the day of entry into Vietnam (Please note: Unfortunately, temporarily valid travel documents or other documents cannot be accepted.)
  • Two current passport photos that show you with your face straight and without glasses
  • Sufficient cash in local currency to pay the visa stamp fees upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam
  • The completed NA1 form

Since Uganda belongs to group 2 of the countries, we need further evidence from you. The main documents are as follows:

  • Copy of the main page of your ID document
  • Proof of booking and payment for a return flight ticket
  • Proof of successful booking and payment of hotel reservations for the entire duration of the planned Vietnam trip

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time and find out more about the options for applying for the Vietnam Visa online.

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