Vietnam Visa for Omani: Simply apply online – in just a few clicks!

Do you love Al-Batina, this varied coastal strip between Muscat and Suhar? No question, you will love the natural areas of Vietnam even more! Here you will not only find thousands of small islands that make Ha Long Bay so breathtakingly beautiful. In Vietnam you immerse yourself in a world completely unknown to you that broadens your horizons.

Sounds too good to be true? Discover the options VIETNAM VISA ONLINE offers you now. We are officially accredited by the Vietnamese Government as a visa agency and offer an online system that guides you step by step through the entire application process.

Discover the world famous Halong Bay, immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape of Da Bac or relax in one of the many national parks. Apply for the Vietnam Visa for Omani directly online now. In just a few clicks!

The city of Maskat

More than 1,500 square kilometers: Halong Bay as the starting point for your trip

Those who travel internationally and want to get to know foreign cultures are guaranteed to be in the right place in Vietnam. Here you will not only find variety, but can also look forward to new culinary impressions. Move through the country's current and discover Halong Bay as part of a multi-day boat trip. The absolute must for anyone who sets foot on Vietnamese soil for the first time.

The best thing about it: You can start preparing for your trip straight away, because with our Vietnam Visa Agency you won't leave anything to chance!

We offer the following options to apply for the Vietnam Visa for Omani:

  • 1 month single entry
  • 1 month multiple
  • 3 months single entry
  • 3 months multiple

Vietnam Visa for Omani: Special entry requirements apply

Oman belongs to group 2 of the countries where special visa requirements have to be observed. This is due to the lack of or inadequate diplomatic relations, which affects the duration of the application. We therefore need the following documents to apply for the Vietnam Visa for Omani on your behalf:

  • A copy of the main page of your official identification document
  • Proof of booking and payment of return flight tickets (to and from Vietnam)
  • Proof of hotel reservations covering your entire Vietnam trip

Basically you need:

  • Two blank pages in your passport (validity after entry: at least six months)
  • Two current passport photos that show you with your face straight into the camera and without glasses
  • Sufficient cash to pay the Visa Stamp Fee when entering Vietnam
  • The completed NA1 form

Important: Due to the special conditions that apply to the Vietnam Visa for Omani, the application period is regularly extended. Would you like to stay flexible and travel from Muscat to Hanoi next week? Book the express options to successfully apply for your Vietnam Visa for Omani in just one business day or four hours. Contact us for more information.

Vietnam Visa for Omani: Apply directly through our online system

Would you like to broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in a completely different reality? Then travel to Vietnam and discover countless highlights that are guaranteed to be remembered. With our system you go step by step. Just try and get started! Apply for your Vietnam visa online now.

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