Vietnam visa for Bhutanese

If you are a citizen of Bhutan and want to travel to Vietnam, there are some requirements you must meet until you can fly there. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE is helping you with every step for the Vietnam Visa for Bhutanese there is to take from the beginning until you are ready to fly. But before talking about the requirements of the Vietnam Visa for Buthanese there are some important facts about Vietnam that you might find interest in.

Vietnam is a country rich in beautiful nature and great bustling cities. Due to a colonial era in the past, there are still some structures of it left. Because of that, several ethnic minorities are living there all together peacefully. But it is not only the ethnical diversity that is remarkable. Vietnam's nature offers a lot diversity, too. Whether you are more likely to lay at the beach, working on your tan and go for a swim in the ocean now and then, or you are more the hiking and biking kind of person, there will be plenty of options for everybody. To give you a better overview of all that Vietnam has in store you can visit our blog for more information.

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How you get the Vietnam visa for Bhutanese

As mentioned before, there are some nationalities with special requirement to get a visa for Vietnam. Bhutan is a country that fits into this group, which means that it is not a problem to get a Vietnam visa for Bhutanese but that it will take more time than it does for other national groups. This has nothing to do with individual issues rather than with diplomatic decisions between governments. So as a Bhutanese it is important to know that you must care about the application of the Vietnam Visa for Bhutanese in advance, so that there will be no issues regarding timeframes etc. Our reliable staff will take care of your request and the whole application process of the Vietnam Visa for Bhutanese. Also, we will check if you meet all the requirements for the Vietnam Visa for Bhutanese. Here, you will be given a short overview of the required documents:

  • Copy of the main page of your passport
  • Paid bookings of the flight tickets (in and out of Vietnam)
  • Paid bookings of the hotel reservation during your trip

The processing fee for this group varies depending on the visa you apply for and the process speed. A one-month visa for example costs 125$ (normal processing speed). In addition to that, the verification and entry approval proceeded by The Vietnam Immigration Department will take 1-2 working days until you receive the results.

We will be there to help you get the Vietnam visa for Bhutanese

If you have any further questions regarding the special requirements for your visa, please contact us. To help you find the right visa and get you through the application process is our number one priority. We are familiar with all the requirements to get a Vietnam visa for Bhutanese. So do not hesitate to ask us, if there are any problems or questions.

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