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Visa costs

This page contains information for the “Visa On Arrival” processing, and hence the fees are not applicable for “E-Visa” processing!

Vietnam stands for culinary highlights, majestic places and beautiful beaches. Here travelers will find an attractive mix of nature, culture and variety. Our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible for foreign travelers to visit this Southeast Asian pearl. To ensure that you can enjoy Vietnam in its full glory with its countless beaches and bays, tropical mountains, culinary bars or the unique flora and fauna, we offer you an all-inclusive service regarding your visa. We will take care of most of the work so that you can fully concentrate on your further travel preparations. Anyways, the visa is not for free, so we encourage you to inform yourself in advance about the Vietnam Visa costs involved. However, the Vietnamese system is relatively complex, the entry procedures accordingly lengthy. Our service offers you maximum comfort right after landing at a Vietnamese airport of your choice. For the visa itself or the Vietnam Visa costs incurred, it makes no difference at which airport you arrive. However, you should note that our agency only deals with visas issued to flight attendants. So if you arrive by boat or even by car, different rules and Vietnam Visa fees apply. More information about the Vietnam visa fee can be found below.

What’s special: As a visa agency, focus is in particular on the Vietnamese online visa process, better known as the “visa on arrival”. It is a simplified option that does not require a visit to the local embassy or consulate. This also gives you the option of not investing too much time in the application process before your vacation. The Visa on Arrival is therefore a very practical and relaxed option. To what extent the Vietnam Visa costs will change, you can find out below.

Below you will find more information about the Vietnam visa fees and the special regulations that apply here.

Two types of Vietnam visa costs: Experience Vietnam up close – without lengthy application procedures!

Basically, you have to differentiate between two types of Vietnam Visa costs for the “visa on arrival”. On the one hand, mandatory visa approval fees and government stamps are due, and on the other hand, optional service fees may apply for various services. We will inform you about all possible costs so you will not surprisingly have to pay more than you expected. In the following, we will take a closer look at the Vietnam visa costs and explain what they are all about. Make sure to bring all the mandatory documents to make the Visa on Arrival process easier and smoother.

The passport

Online Visa Approval Letter Fee

These are the Vietnam visa costs that have to be paid by the applicant when submitting the online application. They are necessary for obtaining the permit through the Vietnam Immigration System and the so-called Visa Approval Letter for Legitimate Entry. The Visa Stamp Process at the airport in Vietnam is also included in the Vietnam Visa costs.

Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee

This is the Vietnam Visa fee payable in cash, it has to be paid by the passenger directly at the arrival airport. So make sure to carry enough cash for the Vietnam Visa fee with you. If necessary, there are also ATMs and exchange markets to withdraw and change money on site. The amount of Vietnam visa costs depends on the duration and the type of trip or entry:

  • 25 USD / person for up to 90 days (Single Entry)
  • 50 USD / person for travel between 30 and 90 days (Multiple Entries)
  • 95 USD / person for travel between 90 and 180 days (Multiple Entries)
  • 135 USD / person for 01-year Multiple Entries Visa (available only to US nationals)

The Vietnam visa costs are therefore graded according to the frequency and length of stay. A big recommendation on our part is definitely a long stay in Vietnam to enjoy the country in its full splendor and diversity. Additional Vietnam Visa fees must be paid by the applicant if additional services are required. More in the next paragraph.

Vietnam Visa Fees: Optional Service Fees

1. For Online Visa Approval Letter Process

You have the opportunity to speed up the whole visa process, including through

  • faster processing time options;
  • receiving private visa letter with your passport information only (not shared with other applicants)
  • request the visa letter process on a non-business hours basis (weekends / holidays).

In all these cases, you will be charged additional Visa fees for regular Vietnam visa fees.

2. For Airport Visa Stamp and Immigration Process

You would like to use the Skip the Line Priority Service at the counter of a Vietnamese airport? No problem, we offer you a very simple entry, including complete assistance from our airport staff. You will be able to start your well-deserved vacation even faster. Especially after a long flight this is a particularly relaxing option.

Car pick-up from airport to hotel? No problem, just book in advance.

Check out our EXTRA SERVICE section for more details or other supports we offer to make your stay in Vietnam even more enjoyable.

Choose Vietnam Visa Online as your trusted, reliable visa agency. After many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers we can proudly say that we will not disappoint you with our performance. We make Vietnam travel as comfortable as possible. Promised!

In the grid down below you will find the visa types and the arising Vietnam Visa Costs:

Visa typeEntry purposeNormal Processing Cost
(2-4 working days)
1 month single entryTourism16 USD
1 month single entryBusiness95 USD
1 month multiple entryTourism18 USD
1 month multiple entryBusiness95 USD
3 month single entryTourism26 USD
3 month single entryBusiness175 USD
3 month multiple entryTourism55 USD
3 month multiple entryBusiness175 USD
Normal processing time costs
Urgent processing10 USD
Super urgent processing20 USD
Last minute processing80 USD
(visa letter, government stamp and fast track fees are included)
175 USD
Private letter / group8 USD
Extra option costs


  • Business days and hours: from 08:30 am to 10:30 am (morning time) and from 13:30 pm to 15:30 pm (afternoon time) from MON to FRI – all timelines are under Vietnam time zone (UTC+7)


  • Normal: Visa letter finished within 02 business day
  • Urgent: Visa letter finished within 01 business day
  • Super urgent: Visa letter finished within 04 business hours
  • Last minute: Visa letter finished within 30 minutes, during available business hours on business days
  • Emergency: Visa approval letter requested to be issued on Saturday, Sunday, or public Holiday processing time. The online visa process finished in 30 minutes the applicants will be completely assisted by our airport staff with the entry process after landing.

As you can see, our reliable and friendly staff always adapts to individual needs. Should there be any time bottlenecks on your part, this also is not a hassle for our staff and we will actively support you in the application process.

Notes: The 03-month visa types take full 04 working days and therefore not valid for urgent processing time options


  • The visa approval letter is exclusively issued with your passport details only. Your passport details will not be shared with other simultaneously approved applicants in a typically processed visa approval letter by the Vietnam Immigration System. Make sure to enter all you passport information correctly to avoid a long application process.


Citizens of this group are listed in the special nation list to obtain Vietnam visa. It takes more time for The Vietnam Immigration Department to verify and approve visa for them. (This is only the reflection of diplomatic relations between the Governments, not the individual issues). But don’t worry, our professional and reliable staff is perfectly familiar with all guidelines, which vary from country to country. So no matter which country you come from, we will find a way to make the Visa application process as easy and time-saving as possible. We also know exactly how the Vietnam Visa fees vary for each home country. There will be no unwanted or spontaneous costs that we have not informed you about in advance.

Below is the list of nationalities with special visa requirements (mostly African countries, whole Middle Eastern countries and Indian-subcontinent countries):

A small village in vietnam









Tanzania, United Republic of


Saudi Arabia



United Arab Emirates







Côte d’Ivoire







Accordingly, the visa approval letter processing fee is higher and there are further documents required for the process, including:

  • Passport main page copy.
  • Paid bookings of the return flight ticket (into and out of Vietnam).
  • Paid bookings of the hotel reservations during Vietnam trip.
Types of visaNormal processing
(02 working days)
(01 working day)
(04 working hours)
1 month single125 USD+10 USD+20 USD
1 month multiple125 USD+10 USD+20 USD
3 month single225 USD+10 USD+20 USD
3 month multiple225 USD+10 USD+20 USD

The Vietnam Visa processing fee can also be checked when you submit your online application and select your nationality at: Apply online.

The verification and entry approval proceeded by The Vietnam Immigration Department takes 01-02 working days before you receive the result. If approved, your visa approval letter would be issued and emailed to you within the mentioned timeframe.

For further questions please contact us via email:

25 USD60 USD85 USD35 USD


  1. Choosing Airport Fast Track & Car pick-up Service while you submit the online visa application on our system: Apply online and pay the related online fees.
  2. Take your flight to Vietnam. When you arrive, our staff is waiting for you at the visa counter / aircraft gate to pick you up with your name on a sign board.
  3. Submit all the provided documents, including the visa approval letter, the entry and exit form, your passport, 2 photos as well as some money for the Vietnam Visa in general and the stamping fee to our reliable staff. After that you can immediately collect your luggage and carry it outside to your car / taxi.

For Car pick-up service from the airport to center of Hanoi/Danang/Ho Chi Minh city:

After finishing Immigration Clearance and Baggage claim, you can go to the following airport meeting points-outside of arrival hall:

  • Hanoi: At column #12
  • Da Nang: At column #04
  • Ho Chi Minh city: At column #12

Notice: Fast track and car pick-up fee cannot be refunded if you change your flight schedule without EMAIL NOTIFICATION to us at least 6-8 hours before your landing time.