E-Visa Priority Handling

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Handle the “in processing” visa applications with accelerated processing time options

It is crucial and mandatory that your E-visa be issued and emailed to you on time before the traveling date to Vietnam, so that you can be granted onboard permission and have a legal entry process after landing. Accordingly, if your visa application is under “in processing” status and your travel date to Vietnam is approaching, you can accelerate the processing time to receive your E-visa on time for your trip.

Please fill-in the application form below and select the corresponding processing time option to speed-up your pending E-visa application on the Immigration Portal.

Important notes

  • The applicants are fully responsible for the application details that you have registered originally on the Immigration portal. Our system only accelerates the process to issue E-visa faster for you, therefore cannot find and fix any errors (if any) the applicants have made when applying on the Immigration Portal.
  • The fee you are going to pay in this form is the extra emergency fee for the urgent processing time upgrade. This urgent processing time fee is on top of the visa issuance charge of US$ 25.00 which was originally paid for the normal processing time on the Immigration Portal.

Business hours for visa process: from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (UTC+7), Monday to Friday (non-business hours processing will be applied with extra emergency fee)

One application is valid to handle one registration code (one applicant) only, please go to application review page and then checkout page to finalize your application and proceed with payment process.

E-Visa Priority