Vietnamese Cuisine – What makes it so special?

Traditional vietnamese soup

Experiencing a different culture is not just about looking at their historical buildings, their landscape and travelling the country. You can learn just as much about the ways of a faraway country by eating their food. In case of the Vietname cuisine, that'll actually be one of the highlights of a trip over there.

But what makes the Vietnamese cuisine so special? Well, every dish seems to have its own fragrance, made up out of pungent fish sauces, fresh herbs and fiery spices. But as yin and yang taught us, there should always be a balance. This balance can also be found in the Vietnamese cuisine – between the salty and the sweet, the fermented and the fresh, the warm and the cold.

VIETNAM VISA ONLINE presents some dishes from the Vietnamese cuisine that you can try out at home. That way you can decide what you'll eat over in beautiful Vietnam, before you even stepped foot on your plane.

Vietnamese cuisine recipes to try at home

Here are some essentials in Vietnamese cuisine, that you should try out at home.

Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon are spring rolls stuffed with various greens, fresh herbs and either shrimp or pork. These translucent spring rolls are usually served cold as a starter. There are different variants in the north and the south, but all of them are certainly delicious!

Banh Mi

You can't experience the Vietnamese without coming across some of the French influences. Probably the most popular and most delicious one is Banh Mi. Here a crunchy French baguette is filled with your choice of fillings, mostly different greens, herbs and pork or beef.

Bun Cha

If you want to get the Hanoi experience, you'll have to try Bun Cha. This is a specialty of the capital and can be found all over town. Barbecued pork is served on cold rice noodles. Additionally, there are some extra greens or foliage and a broth.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo are big and very filling pancakes famous in Vietnamese cuisine. They are filled with bean sprouts, eggs, pork and shrimp, then fried. Served with greens and a small bowl of fish sauce, there is hardly anything more delicious.


Pho is the great staple dish of the Vietnamese cuisine. It is a noodle soup primarily eaten at breakfast, but it can also be enjoyed any other time of the day. A bowl of Pho contains flat rice noodles, spring onions, thin sliced of either chicken, pork of beef, and a meat broth flavored with coriander and ginger.

Experience the Vietnamese cuisine yourself

You want to experience the wonderful Vietnamese cuisine firsthand? No Problem! On you are just a couple of clicks away from your perfect culinary experience. We'll help you apply for your necessary visa. That leaves you with that much more time to browse through our collection of Vietnamese recipes and choose the first dish you'll be having over in Hanoi or Saigon and try it out at home.

Any questions? Just contact us, we'll help as best we can.

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