Traditional Vietnamese food which you need to try!

Traditional vietnamese food

When you travel to Vietnam, you can not only look forward to paradisaical beaches and impressive jungle landscapes, but also to the excellent traditional Vietnamese food. The country in Southeast Asia is known for its good and extremely varied cuisine. You can feel the many delicacies at every corner – in small, family–run street kitchens, pasta, rice and the like are prepared for special delicacies; We take a seat at small tables with stools. Which of course does not mean that you cannot dine in a restaurant!

Find out below which traditional Vietnamese food you shouldn't miss on your vacation. With the information by VIETNAM VISA ONLINE, your vacation will be a culinary journey of discovery!

Noodle soup as a traditional Vietnamese food

Pho is THE classic of Vietnamese cuisine. The soup with rice noodles is served in a clear broth and either with chicken (Pho Ga) or with beef (Pho Bo). There are also chillies, spring onions, mint, basil and fish sauce as well as soy – the gourmet can prepare the traditional Vietnamese food according to his own preferences.

Note: Depending on the region, the ingredients of the Pho can vary. Common to all regions in Vietnam is that the noodle soup is already consumed for breakfast.

All betel or what?

For many travelers, Bo La Lot is the highlight when it comes to traditional Vietnamese food. These are small rolls made from betel leaves – betel is a pepper plant – and beef. These rolls are skewered and then grilled. During the cooking process, the meat takes on the pepper taste – a unique taste experience!

The alternative to the spring roll

The traditional Vietnamese food Nem Cuon Tom is also available here, from the Vietnamese around the corner. In their country of origin, however, the summer rolls taste even fresher and more intense. The special thing about the rolls: In contrast to the more common spring rolls, they are not fried. Vegetables, sprouts and meat or cooked shrimps are used to fill the wafer–thin rice leaves.

Tip: In many restaurants you "only" get the ingredients for Nem Cuon Tom, so that you can wrap the rolls yourself.

Pork as a traditional Vietnamese food

In many Vietnamese restaurants, Com Thit Kho Tieu is simply called "rice with pork and pepper". The usually very tender pork is fried in a special pepper sauce and served with unbroken rice – the delicious traditional Vietnamese food is ready.

Off to Hoi An!

Banh Bao Vac are "White Rose Dumplings" that only exist in Hoi An. They consist of a special shrimp paste that is pressed into a round dough. A dough flower forms that not only looks appealing but also tastes great.

Note: Banh Bao Vac is only available in Hoi An. Since the dish is extremely popular with Vietnamese, it can still be called traditional Vietnamese food.

Greetings from Aunt Jemima

Banh Xeo are heartily filled pancakes in Vietnamese. The rice flour dough is colored with turmeric and then filled with bean sprouts, spring onions and pork or shrimp. The traditional Vietnamese food is dipped into a delicious fish sauce for consumption.

The President cannot be wrong

Bun Cha is freshly grilled pork served with herbs, rice noodles and fish sauce. This traditional Vietnamese food has achieved cult status at the latest since Barack Obama tried it in a restaurant in Hanoi and visibly enjoyed it.

There are sandwiches in Vietnam too!

Banh Mi is another classic of Vietnamese cuisine. The delicious sandwich is available in various versions. Mostly, however, op la or thit is served. The latter version contains a pate and various types of meat; Banh Mi Op La is filled with a fried egg. In addition, the sandwich is prepared with vegetables, herbs and chilli sauce.

Warning: This traditional Vietnamese food often contains whole chili pieces. So it can be a little bit sharper!

Traditional Vietnamese food – not without fish sauce!

Last but not least, a little tip: If the typical Vietnamese fish sauce is on the table in front of you for the first time, it may be that the smell irritates you. After all, this specialty – in Vietnam it is called Nuoc Mam – consists largely of fermented fish for 12 months. Don't let this put you off – the locals don't dip all traditional Vietnamese food into the dark liquid for nothing! What we want to say: Nuoc Mam is part of everyday life in Vietnam and tastes better than you might think at first. The Vietnamese let the sauce ripen like a good wine.

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Created: 1/23/2020 | Modified: 6/20/2023

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