The Imperial City of Vietnam – City of Hue

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Whilst traveling Indochina a visit to the Imperial City of Vietnam, City of Hue is a must. This place is full of beautiful architecture, rich in history and will definitely will be one of your highlights whilst over there. Without even knowing you'll spend an entire day wandering about the site in awe of all the things to look at.

But what makes the Imperial City of Vietnam so attractive to travelers and locals alike? Let's find out.

A Visit to the Imperial City of Vietnam

The Imperial City of Vietnam is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist attractions. And that for good reason. It is situated in the center of Hue, a large town right in the middle of Vietnam, a couple of miles from the ocean. Hue itself is worth a visit and would take a long time to explore. But the real gem is the Imperial City of Hue.

Built in 1362 this City was showplace for quite a lot of historical moments. From 1802 on for almost 150 years during the Nguyen Dynasty it was even the capital of Vietnam.

The Imperial City of Vietnam is an enormous complex of buildings, squares and gardens. It contains palaces, offices and residences. Right in the middle is the purple forbidden City, home to emperors and their most trusted and loved ones. The entire complex is enveloped by a two-kilometer-long wall, six meters high. A moat was dug around this which is ten kilometers long.

The Imperial City of Vietnam is open to visitors from 8:00am till 17:30pm on Friday to Wednesday. If you want a different experience, you can visit on Thursdays. Then it is open until ten in the evening for a special night visit. It allows you to experience the ambience of the Imperial City of Vietnam in a whole different way. Entry to the City is 150,000 VND, or about 6,5 USD.

The Imperial City of Vietnam – A victim of old age

Beautiful as it is, the Imperial City of Vietnam has suffered quite a bit over the years. But that is to be expected for a more than 650-year-old building. Especially the bombing during the Vietnam war gave the complex a beating.

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