Discover Southeast Asia: These are the Vietnam Visa Requirements for Americans

It is not without reason that Vietnam is called the “Pearl of Southeast Asia”, because here you will find cultural highlights paired with culinary impressions that will have a lasting effect. Immerse yourself in the hectic chaos of the big cities of Hanoi, discover the time-honored temples of Hué or relax on the beautiful sandyContinue reading “Discover Southeast Asia: These are the Vietnam Visa Requirements for Americans”

Good reasons to visit Vietnam

Are you thinking of spending your next vacation in Vietnam? Or are you simply asking yourself why so many people take the long way to Southeast Asia? There are many (good) reasons to visit Vietnam – from endless green jungles to thousands of miles of beautiful beaches to a diverse country cuisine with numerous culinaryContinue reading “Good reasons to visit Vietnam”

The Vietnamese culture – language, customs and etiquette

Friendly, helpful people, imposing temple complexes, great value for the outside – that is the Vietnamese culture in a nutshell. The country and its people are full of secrets and interesting facts. Here you can learn more about the customs and “rules” in the land of smiles. VIETNAM VISA ONLINE has researched for you. The Vietnamese cultureContinue reading “The Vietnamese culture – language, customs and etiquette”

A romantic and special honeymoon in Vietnam

When it comes to the honeymoon destination, newlyweds often divide their minds for the first time: Should you go on a city break or do you want to relax on the beach? Or maybe you prefer an adventure in the mountains? Our tip to avert the first marriage crisis: honeymoon in Vietnam! Regardless of whetherContinue reading “A romantic and special honeymoon in Vietnam”

Make your holiday unforgettable: Tips about what to do in Vietnam

Vietnam has so much to offer that a trip is usually not enough to enjoy the full range. After all, heavenly beaches, miles of rice terraces, floating markets and much more await you here that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. We have collected a few tips on what you should definitely doContinue reading “Make your holiday unforgettable: Tips about what to do in Vietnam”

Best sightseeing spots in Vietnam

Sightseeing in Vietnam includes relics of the country’s eventful history, picturesque landscapes, including national parks as well as an overwhelming cultural diversity. It quickly becomes clear that the country in Southeast Asia has a lot to offer for the holidaymaker. Below is a selection of the best sightseeing spots in Vietnam. So that the stayContinue reading “Best sightseeing spots in Vietnam”

Vietnam’s nightlife: The places to be

The nightlife scene in Vietnam is extremely dynamic – cities like Saigon, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City are full of lively pubs, clubs and bars. And the best part is that going out in the Southeast Asian country is far from expensive. After all, one of the cheapest draft beers in the world isContinue reading “Vietnam’s nightlife: The places to be”

Travel to Southeast Asia: Simply apply from home with the Vietnam e-Visa!

Hardly any other country can look back on such an eventful history as Vietnam. The Vietnamese are also extremely friendly and courteous when dealing with foreigners, always helpful and interested in a non-binding discussion. No wonder that more and more travelers are coming to Vietnam. Here in spring and autumn you will find ideal conditionsContinue reading “Travel to Southeast Asia: Simply apply from home with the Vietnam e-Visa!”